Monday, April 30, 2007

Pic Tage No 5

Ok this is where I live....and yes I live at a number 13. Unlucky for some, but I will say I LOVE this house. It's huge and has a big backyard. We moved in when it was brand new, so although we rent it, I have never felt like a house has ever been so much mine as this one. The rent recently jumped $50 a week and I think I cried for a week. I cant bear thinking about moving right now and the house is idea for us, so we just have to suck it in. We live about 2km from the school that Lu's and my kids go to, so they walk to and from school most days, great exercise I think. as you can see my garage is a total mess, DH has no sense of clean and tidy, and I try to keep it his domain,(ladders on the yard and everything). And yes I am one of those annoying soccer mums in the great big 4WD. Unfortunatly a total nessessity with 4 kids to drag around. the 2 bottom corner pic are of my scrap room. I am lucky enough to have a whole study all to my self. originally we had the 2 babies in the room, but that became too much trouble, so we built a wall separtaing an enormase games room, and thus made a huge bedroom for the older boys (they call it thier fortrouse of solitude) and the babies got a room each and I scored a scrap room ....PERFECT
There is a spare block of land next door (No all that grass is not my yard) and all the neigbourhood kids use it as a footy field, and there is a park across the road too.
My hope is that one day we can buy this place...because honestly I never want to move

Thanks for having a lookie

Keep smiling :):):)
Cass xxxx

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Pic Tag number 4

This is probably going to come as a bit of surprise, but pretty much all the furniture in my house is white. I have a bit of an obession with white gloss furniture and glass knobs. I have white candles and a clear glass collection, and all my linen is white and my rugs are white. I do have a few bright orange feature walls and i do have a lots of stainless steel stuff too, but mostly white.
The candles and the little perfume bottles are gifts from Lu that sit pride of place on my dressing table, and the white antique mirror I picked up from an aution for $5. The hutch (I have 2 exactly the same) are old baltic pine ones my mum was going to throw out, until I stole them and made Kelly paint them.
Oh the joys of having a painter fro a hubby, he has honestly gone through 100's of liters of white gloss paint for me....see, he might be a pain in the bum but he does have his

Hugs and Kisses

Cass xxxx

Pic Tag number 3

This is a Lily that come in a bunch of flowers my little sister Trisha gave me. Last friday poor old Dish (thats what we call know from the movie mallrats, as in Trish the Dish lol) had a little bit of a car accident in her two week old car. Some guy ran up the back back of it while she was stationary at an intersection. No too much damange to the car at all, but my concern was that Trisha happens to be 28 weeks pregnant, and Toby (that her little man in her belly) is sitting very low in her pelvis. Mum and Dad went to the accident, (dish was in a bit of a flap, as the car was only 2 weeks old) and when they rang me I to tell me what was going on, I told them to forget the damn car and see if Trisha and the baby are OK. I rang the hospital where she is booked in, and then her doctor (who also happens to be my Gyno) and he said she best come in so that they can check her out. I rang them back and told them to go up to the hospital. Everything is offcourse OK, but my theroy is better to be safe than sorry. Trisha was very thankful that i thought of her (god only knows why, it's not like I did much) and brought me these flowers. I do so love Lily's and in particular white ones. I have this beautiful bunch sitting on my dressing table.

Thanks for looking
and keep smiling

Cass xxxx

Friday, April 27, 2007

Pic Tag No 2....something special in my family

Hey guys!!!

This is my grandmothers engagment ring. She passed it to my mother, and then my mother passed it on to me. It is probably the most special single thing I own. I really look forward to the day that I can pass it on to my daughter. It cost my grandfather a whole 12 months wages...or so the story goes. It is set in platium with a round diamond in a square setting. I remember admiring it when my grandmother wore it...and she only would on special ocassions. She passed it to my mum not long before she died, hence I thought I would get it until my mum was really old.
When Kelly and I decided to get married, we did have ANY money. Unbeknownst to me, my mother offered Kelly my granmothers ring. Then one Sunday he told me we were going to redcliffe for a picnic. I had no idea what was going on, other than lunch in a park. I was reading a book, while Kelly was playing footy with the boys when the three of them came up to me. Kelly lay down on his belly (I was laying on a picnic rug) and proposed, openning the little box to revel my grnadmothers ring. (I found out later that he asked the boys permission to marry thier mother just before they came up to me) I cried and cried, the boys didn't know what all the fuss was about...typical boys...but they were excited for us.

When Kelly is being an a-hole I try to remember little things like this.
There is so much emotion and memories caught up in this little ring. I often look at it and think of the things it would have seen...the depression and all my aunts and uncles growing up. So thats why I choose it

Thanks for reading

Keep smiling

Cass xxxx

Thursday, April 26, 2007

I've been PIC TAGGED!!!!...and few LO's too...

Hey guys, Lu and I went into the shop yesterday, mainly to get some 'alone' time with our supplies (being a public holiday and all) and each of us manged to get 3 LO's done. So that was pretty cool. Here they are....... well mine anyway, Lu has hers up on her Bloggie

How cool is this? I've been pic tagged by the super cool Lu so each day for a week I have to take the following photos. Which reminds me that I really should make sure the numbers stand for Day 1 etc and I don't have to take all of the pics each day or that's going to take some time!!! lol

PIC TAGGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Each day you need to take a photo/photos following this criteria………

I've never been tagged before so I'm really excited and the best part is that after I'm done I get to tag someone else!!!!

I'll let you know how I'm going and post my pics as I go!

Here's a piece of right hand. As you can probably see I have had skin grafting done. After my house burnt down I had alot of burns, mostly my back, so to me this is the most obvious, and a constant reminder of it all......please excuse my ugly nails (oh yeah, and you wouldn't believe how hard it is to take a photo of your right hand...give it a go....I DARE YA!!!!!!!)

Hugs and Kisses

Cass xxxx

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

oh and a LO too

here go have a lookie, I did this one with the new Fancy apants stamps and a bit of those stamps!!!!!

Take care
Cass xxxx

Tagged ....TWICE!!!!!

Ok, my Darling Lu has tagged me...twice in fact. so I will start with the easiest one, and I promise I will start my 'pic tag' tommorrow morning (seven pics in seven days)
here goes....I copied this from her blog and for those I 'Tag' you must do the same (from

Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog!

1- I like having Pink hair beacuse I hate being served last at the fish and chip shop
When I was in my 20's I was a size 8-10, and offcouse I have always been tall and blonde. I know it is an ugly fact about the world but being one of the 'beautiful' people (and don't get me wrong I have never actually considered myself one of them) does get you better service and attention. Now that I am a size 14 with a tribe of kids, I don't get noticed and I HATE that...remedy.....PINK HAIR....LOL, over look me now...I DARE ya!!!

2- I dislike all seafood except prawns
Don't ask me why on this ...cos I have no idea

3- My little sister named her son Sebastian, a name I have wanted for all of my sons and was never allowed to have
When I was pregnat with my first son, I fell in love with the name Sebastian, but my ex-husband wouldn't allow it...said it was too 'gay' if you can believe that. Then I had another son and again he put his foot down. When Kelly and I found out we were having a boy I wanted it again...and again to a 'No'. So when my sister had a little boy she actually asked me if she could use the name I have my Sebastian...sort

4- My ex-Husband was a nuggety red head that actually got mistaken for Paul 'Fatty' Vautin on lots of occasions
This fact isn't as interesting as it is funny, well to me anyway, needless to say...I upgraded

5- My best friend Lu has a daughter call Caeligh, and I have a daughter called Lilyana. This makes us a 'C' and an 'L' and so are theyThis is purely coincidental, we only worked it out the other day. We had one of those 'freaky weird' moments

6- I love to eat grated cheese soaked in soy sauce and vinegar
Now I know that sounds revolting, but my mouth is watering as I type this

7- I have a mild obsession/mad crush on the lead singer of INXS, JD Fortune
OK I can hear ya's all now...pathetic, I know, I know. But to me he is honestly, sex on a doesn't get better than that!!!! I have always ALWAYS been really attracted to bad bad men and I so love his voice...and I aggress with is

OK so thats it...are you all amazed !! lol well it was a bit of fun, and these people can now consider themselves TAGGED.......


I will just pop round to let you know. Have fun ladies and I'll start my pic tag tommorrow

Keep smiling

Cass xxxx

a LO and well, a bit of a funny story really....

I did this LO in the shop yesterday. These are my 'bookends' as I call them. My elest and my youngest. There is almost 11 years bettween the two of them and I know that sometimes I rely on Krissy to help me alot with Ronin, who BTW is and incedible handful!!! Funny how they are both so blonde.

Anyhoo heres my funny story...and you gotta promise to not think badly of me, afterall i was really only defending myself!!!!!LOL

Last night I had to take Kris to footy training. On the weekend one of the mothers in our team asked if I could bring and album along for her to have a look at. Not a problem, like most of us I love showing off my work. Anyway she was looking through it ans I was standing about 3m away talking to one of the other mums when I couldn't help but over hear the following conversation....
A lady (one of the mums from another team) leaned over to the lady that was looking through my book and asked if that was hers. Ofcourse she said no, she was just admiring it. The other mum, then promptly turned to her and said...and I quote 'I hate that stuff, it's not scrapbooking'
My ears pricked you can imagine and I wandered over. I asked the lady who was looking at my book intially if she liked and she gushed over how clever it was. The other nosey woman than asked me if it was my book. 'yes' I said. 'Oh I really don't like that style, as far as I am concerned, it's not scrapbooking' she replyed
A liitle trown by this I had to ask 'Do you do creative memories?'. 'Yes' she said to me 'I scrapbook' in an incredibly superior voice.
Now I am not one to back down from an arguement and to be honest with you i was more than a bit offended. I would never go so far as to presume that just because a person does another style of scrapping, that they couldn't be considered a scrapbooker. And that is pretty much what I told her.
'But, you just make pretty pictures' she said 'you don't preserve memories, there 's not one single page on a birthday or an event in that whole album'
'No' I said 'But there are plenty of pages that let my children know exactly how much I love them, how proud I am of thier achievements, and what's going on right now!!'
'Well, it is still not's more like paper collage...artwork' she continued
At which point I was getting angry, I was being so poilet and this woman had her head so far up her bum that I am sure she couldn't tell the difference bettween a fart and a burp!!!
'Well, how many magazines are there out there on 'creative memories' LO's???' I said
At this point the lady who asked to see the album originally, piped in (I think she was feel a bit of mixture bettween amused and uncomfortable)
'Cassandra is actually quite well published in scrapbooking magazines' she said
(God bless her...I am not that well published, but it was so nice of her to say so..and to defend me)
I really don't think the snotty lady had much to say at this point because her closing argument was 'well in my opinion it's not scrapbooking'
I told her that she was intitled to her opinion and left it at that

I can honestly say that I was more than a bit shocked by all this, and she actually made me really angry (to be honest with you I really wanted to give her an event that she could know, like a black eye!!!!LOL)
I would NEVER say that what someone does is not scrapbooking...just because it is different to what I do.

Anyway, in hindsight, i guess it must have looked pretty funny. These two women having a nasty argument over the defination of an art form.
But I defended us girls!!! What I do IS scrapping and to be honest with you, I assume it takes a lot more time and imagination than following a formula and cutting photos into funny shapes (I wouldn't know for sure, because I have never done it)

So there you have it...Don't tell me I don't scrapbook!!!!!!!!

Hugs and kisses
Cass xxxxx

(Oh yeah I have been tagged to...twice, so I will be on to that this afternoon)

Sunday, April 22, 2007

New Fancy pants stamps...and Creative imaginations LO

Just a couple of LO's today. One is using the new Fancy pants stamps that i am so in love with. The kids are all mine and Lu's and 8 is not definately and the other is using the 'sonests' range from creative imaginations (one should probably not refer to ones children as ducks, but hey somedays they follow me around as if they

Off to footy today, Krissy has a game right in the middle of the day, which I all see as a bit of a pain in the bum. Not that I don't like to see him play, it's just that I get very little done in the morning before we go, and then when we get home I really don't feel like starting anything before dinner. Housework SUX!!!!!! oh well the burdens of the mother of

Lu came over last night and we got stuck into the new *x* albums from fancy pants. They are so cool, you get the acordian album and the gift box, as well as 3 sheets of chipboard shapes and words. Alot more work involved than I intially thought (I am not very good at OTP stuff, and I don't tend to do much of it) but I think it would make a fantastic gift, when it's finished.

Thanks for looking and have a great day :):):)

Cass xxxx

Friday, April 20, 2007

New Fancy Pants Stamps

OK girls, absolutley overt advertising here, we got the yummiest 12x12 and 6x6 stamps in the store yesterday, and Lu and I got to play around with the today. They are AMazing and the 12x12 is $67.10, which I think considering the amount of stamps you get is great value. I am sure to use them over and over again

I so love our shop, we are trying so hard to keep the prices down and our range up. Cath, Lu and I have always wanted to be involved in a store that we would want to shop in ourselves. Our bazzil is 70c everyday, not on sale, and we have a huge range of the budget priced Bella chipboard as well as all the lastest and greatest stuff.

I can honestly say that I have never enjoyed 'working' as much as this....almost seems

(now I promise that will be my last ad for a while....sorry guys, I so can't help myself sometimes...)

Be back later with some LO's and OTP stuff that I have been up to

Hugs and kisses
Cass xxxx

(oh yeah and if anyone has any advise on how to deal with a hormonal 12 year old boy, I love to hear about it...mine is driving me NUTS!!!!!! do this, do that...and get off the computer Mum!! school work is more inportant than blogging...yeah right!!??? LOL)

Dum Da DARRRRR- and the Marah goes to.....

NIKKIHELEN!!!!!!! yeah, I will e-mail you hun, and I will have that in the mail for you monday!!!

Thanks agian to everyone who commented and I am sure to have another RAK soon, I do so love sharing the Love around!!! and my kids have so much fun with the I wish you could see how 'professional' they are about it all

Hugs and kisses
Cass xxxx

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Finally ....Marah LO's

Thanks for having a back to make dinner FUN FUN

Cass xxxx
Hey todays the day...I swear I am going to get stuck into the new Marah Johnson paper. My house is a bit of a mess, I have washing to do, and sooooo much cleaning, but I figue it will still be there tomorrow....or maybe the next
I showed the new papers and rub-on's to the DH yesterday, even he was really taken with them. I think because the 'intentions' swatch book looks so much like tatoos. Marah said in her chat at cyberscraps that she was heading down the track of remebering that women are 'sexy' too, and that should also be reflected in our scrapbooking, and looking at her stuff I can hand on heart say she has most definatley achieved that. The stuff is just so 'grown up' IYKWIM, and I think that it's appeal lies in the fact that there is nothing eles on the market like this. These can be the LO you can do on your DH without it looking a bit 'cheesey' and on yourself that can be serious, and really soul satisfying. I like the fact that she has given scrapping an edge that it didn't have before. Afterall alot of us are not all mainstream, most of us have an edge and I don't know a woman on earth that doesn't like to feel sexy from time to time!!!!

I have come up with the fact that I guess I am fighting middle age a bit. One of the guys at football training the other night (DS's training...not remarked on my re-aquired pink hair, saying that I have obviously chosen to age 'disgracfully'. I had to laugh, but honestly I am 32 years old, and thats a long way from the grave, but I am certainlly not in my early 20's anymore either, and if I want to die my hair pink...I can, if I want to wear a studded wrist cuff...I can. Afterall I think it's not like I am out to please anyone eles but myself (and ocasionally DH...when he's been a good and honestly I am liking the fact that I an comfortable with who I am now, more than I have ever been in my whiole life...I wish I had found it sooner though, then I would have had the body to wear the clothes that I want to

Ramble, Ramble, Ramble ....gosh hand over the soap box, cos I am on it

anyhoo, heres a LO I did on my son Kristofer

Thanks for having a read...if you got through it all and it made ANY sense what-so-ever.
Hugs and kisses
Cass xxxx

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My Minds Eye LO's

Ok, so we got this shipment in last week of all the brand new My Minds Eye stuff, and I thought before I start cracking into the new Marah Johnson I should do a couple of these LO's. I feel for the last range from MME, particually the 'bohemia' and now they have brought out Chipboard to match, OMG is it amazing, it's embossed, you can see on the 'Sweet Girl' page the Monograms and the bird from the shapes. I just painted them and then lightly ran an ink pad over the top, I am really happy with how it turned out. I do love new chipboard to play with!!!!!

Thanks for having a lookie girls, and for all the fantastic comments!!!
(......Changing subject.....)
I played a game of netball this morning. We were absolutly Flogged, very bad karma from a shooters persepective, but anyway i don't play to win, just to sweat a But it did get me wondering if anyone eles plays sport and how they find the competion aspect? I only ask because a few ladies on our team get really upset about losing and a few of the ladies on the other team were really cocky because they won. Personally, as I said I really don't care, as nice as it is to win, to me it doesn't make a difference, as long as i get to run around a bit.

Oh yeah, and if you do happened to be reading this blog, and you would like to have lookie at another great one, pop over to my bestie Lu's. She has a couple of RAKs running ATM too...bit cool

Thanks again for having a lookie,

Hugs and Kisses

Cass xxxx

Monday, April 16, 2007

Dares LO

Oh and offcourse I have done a LO

I did this one for the 'how dare you' site, some really talented ladies there, and so worth a lookie.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I die my hair PINK again. I am so not willing to go into middle age quietly, my kids are offcourse getting used to it.

Thanks for having a look

keep smiling
Cass xxxx
Ok girls isn't this just MOUTHWATERING!!!! and it all arived from the states today!!!! I squealled like a school girl when I saw it all...just delishious!!!

Ofcourse this is all avalible on the Cyberscraps website and in the shop, but just because I am feeling really excited I will give a little RAK to one of you guys consisting of bits and peices of what you see here.
Just leave me a comment, and I draw a winner out on's all too exciting really

Hugs and kisses
Cass xxxx

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Why is Iit....sleeping in makes you feel more tired??

OK, Dh, who for a variety of reason has been in the poo all week, kindly let me sleep in all the way to 8am!!! a minor mircale in this house. I am nearly alway up well before 6, with the Son that doesn't sleep. But I tell you, I have been so tired all week that I felt I really needed it and now I feel as though I have been hit by a bus!!! SUCKS
Does anyone eles find this???

Anyway I do have some pretty cool product lying around my house at the moment. My Mind's Eye, have just realesed a new line 'Tres Jolie' and new chipboards to go with it, EMBOSSED Chipboards!!!!!! I haven't never seen that before and I am dying to give it a whack. Cath, our boss lady at Cyberscraps, ordered it all directly from America, and as far as I know we are the only ones in Australia with's a bit cool. offcourse I will post up my efforts, as soon as I have a minute to produce some, but it really is a beautiful range and if you like the 'Bohemia' you'll love this. So Check it out

Oh and I have my First (and only) publication in Scrapbook Creations this month too. For some reason in the mag it is really yellow, IRL it isn't, and I always find it funny how the printing process changes the LO.
Here it is....

BIG shout out to our girl Lusi Austin too, amazing quality and AMOUNT of her work in this issue of SC too....Way to Go Girl!!!!!

Anyway I might be back later...with a LO perhaps

Hugs and Kisses
Cass xxxxx

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Hers, mine...well um..OURS???!!!!

OK This is something I have never done before, ans well never actually thought I would do. Lu started this LO this morning, she did by far the majority of and brought it over today for scanning...believeing it was done. She wasn't happy with it, in fact she said she HATED it!!! Personally I thought it was fine, pretty damn good actually, but OK I couldn't help myself, a few of the flowers didn't have centers so I attached a few beads. 'Go Hard' said my beloved best friend, and well that was like throwing petrol on the fire!!!. I added a few more beads, and some ribbbon, and the transparency with a rub-on. a little paint, a few more beads, and now it's Done!!!! The kids in the pic are ofcourse He son and my DD at thier 'wedding' on the weekend, so thats a combined effort also.
I would love to publically thank my Darling Lu for trusting me with her LO, thats real friendship isn't it? cos I don't know about you but one of my LO is a part of myself, so to hand one over and say 'do what ever you like' is to me, pretty close to the ultimate act ya babe!!!!

So tell Like ??????

keep smiling
Cass xxxx

Check it out...such a POSER!!!

Sometimes I really do think all this photo taking has 'damaged' my Daughter. She is such a POSER!!!!! she's 3 for goodness sake and already she knows how to pout those all reality I think it's a bit funny really, she really enjoys having her photo taken (some days she actually insists on it). Daddy on the other hand is worried that she is going to become a superfishial air head...Not a chance, after all she is MY dadughter!!!!

Anyway, I know my Blog has been really quiet of late ,a nd I haven't done a post in a while. I am sorry, I have had a few issues of late, and my head has been eleswhere. but now that I am somewhat getting it all together I will endevour to be a little more pro-active so to speak.

Thanks for having a read

Hugs and Kisses

Cass xxxx

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Photos to share...aren't they beautiful ???!!!!!

Yeasterday Lu and I and her ever wonderful DH Dougie, took all EIGHT of our kids into the Botanical gardens, for a bit of a photo shoot. We seem to get a fair few pics of the girls..oh and Ronin, but the older ones are always at school when the camera comes out, so we thought we would actually plan a bit and go and hope for the best. Well, I wont say there wont any dramas, and I am quite sure the travelling circus (thats us) distrubed more than one relaxing couple or quite family picnic, but all and all mission sucessful, well as far as good photos are concerned anyway. Too many to doubt alot will turn up in LO's over the next couple of weeks, but here a few!!!

Scott and Blayd were so taken with the leather jackets that even though it was hot and we were trucking around the gardens, it took quite a bit of convincing to get them to take them off!!!

All 8 in one pic...not a perfect pic...but all there is an accomplishment in itself!!! Kristofer, the biggest one there, was far less than impressed about the whole ordeal, but to his credit he played along...thank-you baby!!!!
But check out my Daughter...I think all the camera attention might be doing some serious damage...she is the BIGGEST poser I know, and with all the talk of walking through wedding gardens, she decided that it was time to pin James (Lu's 5yld son) down and have a wedding of there own on the bridge...kiss and all...too darn cute!!! (Daddy didn't think so

Thanks for having a look and I so hope you all had a fantatsic Easter too

Hugs and kisses
Cass xxxx

RAK Winner..........YEAH

OK Guys, I know I was supposed to put this up yesterday and I was a bit slack but this weeks RAK goes to ...dum da darrrrrrr.......ALICE!!!!!

Yeah, If you could e-mail me or PM me through the SM site with your Address I will have that in the post for you on Wednesday...too coolll

Cass xxxx

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Check out my Slide Show!

Lu has an's a bit cool!!!!

Read on.......

I've had an idea for a blog and I'm going to put feelers out to anyone who has any ideas/ feedback/ comments that they can add. Basically after the Marah Johnson chat which turned into an accidental pr nightmare for me by stepping on toes I realised that there aren't actually many centralised places for Aussie scrappers to find out about stuff like that. I know it might sound harsh but scrapbooking shops and online stores seem to be so determined to "protect their turf" that unless a customer blog surfs or does lots of trawling around the various sites they miss out on lots of info about other events that they would maybe like to be a part of or be involved - if only they had known. Now it stands to reason that no shop in their right mind is going to advertise an event/crop/online chat/charity gig that is held by another store (as I found out the hard way) even if it is a great opportunity or a good cause for scrappers in general to be involved in and I think that's a bloody shame. There are lots of scrappers who still consider themselves to be store loyal but who would also probably like to still be informed of what else is going on around the traps. It is getting harder and harders as well with even magazine based forums coming down hard on advertising of any kind, requiring users to have to pm people to get any details at all about events. I'm sorry but I'm getting a bit jack of everyone being so possessive of their customers. It feels like - and this is totally my personal opinion here as a scrapper and an individual - stores do their best to turn their forums/messageboards etc into closed communities where you are welcome to come and go but you cannot speak about the outside world while you are there. It isn't anyone in particular because it's happening everywhere. SOOOO my idea is to creat a new blog where shops/clubs/individuals can post details of events. I know sales are a big crowd puller for many stores so I may have a section of the blog to cater for sales by shops and online stores but I'm not talking about the weekly specials because anybody with the internet can find that stuff out themselves and if most people want to be notified each week of sales etc they happily sign up to receive a newsletter in their inbox. I'm going to be focusing on BIG sales, the once a year, the end of season stuff, that sort of thing. I want to be sure it's sales that make people feel it was worth their time and effort to go and have a look and it has to be a genuine sale without any catches, etc.

I will be the first to admit that I have no idea how I'll go about doing it all but I can't wait to get started. I'm hoping there are other scrappers out there who can see the value of an independent site where you can go to find info on upcoming events, esp. web based things that anybody with a computer and the internet can be a part of. I don't see why scrappers should miss out on info because they are loyal to a store. Most of us arent' so fickle that one visit to a competitor's website will have us leaving our LSS in droves (unless there was a serious dissatisfaction with the LSS anyway!) so I say let's really reach out to the scrapping community as a whole and share something good with everyone!

Let me know your thoughts if you have any and we'll see how fast we can get this thing up and running!!!

Cya, Lu

Ok girls if you have an opinion on this, pop over to Lu's blog, or leave a comment here, I will pass it on

Have a happy Easter and Eat tooo much Chocy...I know I will!!!!!

Keep smiling
Cass xxxx

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Love working in the Shop!!!!!

So let me explain first. I have been a SAHM for as long as I can remeber, in fact my ENTIRE adult life!!!. I had my first aby when i was 19 (I now know why my Mum was so upset...I really was just a baby myself) and although I have had the odd little job from time to time, I really haven't 'worked'. Well I know it is only the first week and I am sure the novelity will wear off, but I have got to say, I LOVE it. I love the fact that I have somewhere to go in the morning, a reason to get dress and put on make-up. It probably seems a bit trivial, but honestly I ussally don't wear make-up unless I was going out at you can imagine how often that happened!!! I am only going into the shop 3 days a week, but I am so enjoying it, even my time at home seems better. I feel a little calmer and more relaxed with the kids, and really I am spending just as much time with them as I ever did, but now instead of cleaning the house and bumming around when they are at school and kindy...I go to the shop!!!

Am I the only one who feel like this??? shouldn't I feel more run down and tired??? instead of energised and HUMAN?????

The best part is I get to scrap at work!! thats just the icing on the cake really.

I know you wont be able to read the journalling on Lilys page, so here it is

'So this is how it happened. One afternoon Lily was having an inpromtu photo shoot in the backyard, while Daddy was kicking the ball around with Ronin. All was going well until a stray ball hit the posing princess in the back of the head. Mummy, busily taking photos, captured the exact moment of contact'

Thanks for looking, and I do so hope everyone has a FANTASTIC Easter :):):)

keep smiling, Hugs and kisses

Cass xxxx

Just some LO's

OK, I am in a bit of a hurry this morning, so I will post again this afternoon. But here some LO that I did yesterday

Thanks for having a lookie

Keep smiling :):):)

Cass xxxx

Monday, April 2, 2007

My weekend...phew, where do I start????

Needless to say I was BUSY!!!!!
Saturday My second son Scotto had his first soccer game of the season. 8am at Bardon (thats about an hour from us here at Calamvale) so it was a really early start. He played an absolute brillant game, he scored 2 goals himself and assisted in the third and the team won 3-2. Coach Kelly (DH) was extremely pleased with his little team. Scott recons that he scored those goals because his LO was in this months SM...funny kid!!!!. Anyway while we were there a coach from a higher division rang Kelly and asked if he could 'borrow' a couple of players as he was short 2. So off we went to Loganholmn (this was about another hour's drive!!!) and Scott played up a Div with another girl Gemma (which, incidentally, he is a bit sweet on). Finally we got home about 2pm....long day.
Then offcourse Lu and I decided that we would Hit the town. You see I have a terrible obsession withthe lead singer of INXS (you think I would be old enough bot to have these sort of celebarty crushes anymore) and as they were playing in Brisbane last night, I thought they may ber hanging around the city. Needless to say we wouldn't and didn't find them, but it was a great excuse to get out of the house and feel like a bit of humanity again. The last time Lu and I went out was September last year, so it's not often we let our hair down.
I had an absolute fantastic night and we didn't get back in till 2.30am!!! Naughty Mummies!!!!
I was up at 6am on Sunday with the babies (Kelly has no symapathy for self inflicted pain!!!) and it was off to Kris's (my eldset son) Foooty game. They lost, but boy did my DS play well...I am just so proud of him!!!
I was so exhusted by Sunday night I could bearly walk!!! LOL Oh the things we do to ourselves in the name of Fun and Family!!!

Oh well thats it...probably a bit Lame by some standards, but pretty exciting for me

Keep smiling :):):)


Check it out...Marah Johnson RAK!!!!!!!!

Isn't this a bit cool???!!! Cath, my Boss Lady at Cyberscraps has very kindly given me some of the new FANTASTIC Marah Jonhson paper to give away as an RAK!!!!
I have a small obsession with this paper ATM and you should check out the Rub-ons and stuff that go with DIE FOR.
Anyhoo, same as last week...Leave a comment and be in the draw for friday.

I'm off to the shop now, and will post this afternoon with some more LO's and stuff

Take Care, Hugs and Kisses

Cass xxxx

PS...I'll also let you know about my was a bit