Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Great Sandwich!!!!

All my kids are out on a wednesday. The big boys at school, obviously and my babies go to kindy!! A day to myself YEAH! but ussally, and today is no different, I catch up on the housework, (and ofcourse scrap he he he). But the best thing about wednesday is I can make myself a sandwich and sit down, in front of the telly and eat it....slowly...without sharing!!! it's bliss!!
Today I made a huge sanger, Ham, cream cheese, relish, lettuse, tomato, onion and grated cheese....YUM!!!!! I ussally don't go to that much trouble, but I felt like indulging...Pathetic isn't it when a mear sandwich, eaten in peace becomes a pleasing event!!!

Oh well jsut thought I'd share

Oh and I scraped a pic of my hair today!!!!! been waiting to do that

Ta for looking

Cass xxxx

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

This is my dares challenge LO...use 5 or more photos on a page, something I NEVER do. Something eles I never do occured while doing patterned paper!!! the LO just said no!!! I tried, I argued with it, but it wouldn't have it...oh well I do like a LO that is sure of what it wants!!! so much easier to deal with than a man!!!!LOL

Cass xxxx

One of 'those' days

Ok, so normally I don't complain...LOL that's a joke!!!!
But this morning I am truely feeling like the genie from know 'poof, what do you need?, poof, what do you need?, poof, what do you need?'
Isn't it funny that I can slip right back into the routine of getting kids back toschool, the whole uniform, lunches...whatever, but the kids have all of a sudden become completely disabled and have never had to organizes themselves in thier life!!!???? Now my elest two are 12, and 10, quite capable ussally, but now today they couldn't find thier way out of a wet paper bag AARRGGHHHH frustrating!!!, to make matters worse DH is haveing one of those 'I can never find anything' days (he never puts anything away to know where it goes anyway!!!!
The babies have offcourse taken full advantage of the stressful morning and have done thier level best to make sure that the house is a sufficent mess that although I have lots to do today, I certainly wont be getting out of the house any time soon!!!!!
Hopefully it wont take too long for my son's to get back in the game, and all will be well again....but in the mean time, I may as well paint myself Blue, and wear some puffy pants (it would go well with the pink hair dont you think)

Keep smiling :) I know I'm trying


Monday, January 29, 2007

Quite a productive Day really...

Well the kids went back to school (lets all do the happy dance!!!!) and Lu came over for some serious scrapping, and boy did we go hard!!!
Cath has asked us to do some Urban Lily LO's so today that's all we did, and between us we got alot achieved. In fact I have finished 5 LO's. Thays right 5!!!!!!!!
absolutly unheard of for me, I'm lucky if I can squeeze 2 in a day. I actually don't think I have ever done 5!!. I am not sure if I happy with them all, but it has certainly got my juices flowing. I feel really satisfied, like I would imagine fit people do after they run a marathon!!!!!
I'll show you my Fav

Hugs and Kisses
Cass :)

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Pink Hair!!!!!!!

Ok I did it, well Lu actually did it, But look at my Hair!!!!!! believe me it's no wig, it's my hair!!! the photo hasn't been altered or even colour enhanced, my Hair actually look like it glows in the dark!!!!!!
Well I felt like being a bit silly, couldn't we all use a little silly every now and then, and really I'm not hurting anyone (DH would beg to differ, he recons he won't go out in public with me)
It was my 32nd birthday and it is something that I have always wanted to do....just once!!! so now I can cross it off my List I'm happy.
Lu came over on thursday night and we had a few drinks and she coloured it, I have had ALOT of comments (you should have seen the look on a couple of fuddy duddy's faces down a the LSS)

Its a bit of Like??????

Be back Later, kids causing trouble

Cass xxxxxxx

Friday, January 26, 2007

Australia Day photo Comp

Hey guys, If your reading this I have a MASSIVE favour to ask
There goes....

I have entered a photo (the one below of Lily and the Lifesaving flag) in the
Australia Day photos comp

Heres the link.....

And if you have a few minutes in your day, I would REALLY REALLY love it if you could go have a lookie and cast a vote

To do it all you need to do is- go to the site
- go to Photo competion
- click on indivdual entries
- My pic is in the first lot that you will see (I was an eagar beaver) and click on the Pic, then the stars (the more the better)
Voting closes 16th of Feb, and you can vote as mant times, for as many entries as you like...TOOOOO COOOOOL

Thanks Guys!!!!!!!!!!! if you lot only knew how much I need a holiday (I say that and laugh, simply because I know we all need one!!!!!!)

Much hugs, loves and kisses

Cass xxxxxx

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Check out my Slide Show!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!
I might even go out and buy myself a cake....a really rich baked cheesecake...YUM!!!!

It's my Birthday!!!!!

Woo Hooo, 32, 32, 32 today!!!! not that a number matters much, but no use denying that fact I recon!!, hard to believe I am actually in my 30's. Like Homer Simpson said last night 'I haven't changed since high school, but suddenly I'm not cool anymore' I don't feel my age, and I guess thats what counts. I'd like to known when it is that I should actually start growing up though!!!!

On a slightly more depressing note, Kelly has completely forgotten!!!! he got, got dressed, made his brekky, kissed me goodbye and off he went to work. I know that we aren't doing anything in the way of celebration. With Lily having her birthday on the weekend and the boys needing stuff to go back to school, there simply isn't any money left. But a simple 'Happy Birthday' would have been nice. Never mind I will ring him at lunch time and remind him

I'd like to say a HUGE 'Thank-you!!!!!!!' to all of you guys that have visited my Blog and to those that left comments, thanks too, they mean alot to me!!!!!!

Keep smiling, happiness is infectious!!!!


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Wooo Hooo First published LO

Ok, so it's probably not a huge deal to alot of people, but I am feeling very special.
The current issue of 'For Keeps' has a LO of Mine in it. My first Published LO. It felt so cool to walk into the newsagent and pick up the copy this morning, flipping through and finding mine.
It's on page 84, a yellow one I did of my Daughter Lilyana and her bestest buddy Caeligh. Lily was so excited to see her face in a mag...a little too excited maybe, she dribbled all over the page, good thing I bought 2 copies...I'm so pathetic!!!!!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

My Beautiful Mikayla


OMG!!!!!!! yesterday afternoon I had the most horrible experience.
About lunch time I went out, over to Lu's then to mums, I stopped at the newsagent to see if the FK was in(I Have a LO in the next issue) but when I came home I was so glad that I stuff around for a while. The neigbouring spare alotment had caught FIRE while I was away and had burnt down part of my fence!!! The lovely lady next door, Leanne, called the fire brigade so no more serious damage was done than that but boy oh boy did I have a break down!!!
Just to let you know about a bit of history, on the 10th of Sept. 2000 my house burnt down at 5.30am. I lost all my worldly possessions (when I came out of hospital I didn't even own a pair of shoes) but all materil things can be replaced. I also lost my 2 year old daughter Mikayla, something that no parent should ever have to go through.
So I guess coming home to the burnt down spare alotment was a bit of a flashback. It's not so much the sight of the char and ash, it is the smell of the wet smoke. That damp, musty, revolting smell that permiates into everything. ATM I can't step out the backdoor without smelling it and remembering how my house looked and how everything that we gathered from it still smells like that.
So I have had a bit of a downer of a day, I've cried a bit and wondered if the saying, 'all things come in 3's', actually holds any weight. Cos I swear the next time a fire threatens to burn down my house I recon the easist thing would be to sit down in the middle of it and surrender. I know I wouldn't but boy oh boy how much FIRE can one peron have in thier life????
No one knows how yesterdays fire started, but it was incedible hot and windy yesterday, and there were tradsmen building on the house on the other side of the alotment, so maybe one of them flick a ciggie. Who Knows?? and I guess it really doesn't matter, there was not a hell of alot of damage done really.....only to my emotional state
Thanks for having a read, I actually feel better for having written this

Monday, January 22, 2007

Lilyana's 3!!!!!!!!!

I heard on the radio that they are looking for photos of how you celebrate Australia Day. I am thinking of sending in this one, particularly seeing it is the year of the lifesaver, I honestly can't think of anything more Australian than a day at the beach....sand in knikers included!!!!LOL
My Baby turned 3 yesterday, my how time has flew by. We went down to Broadbeach for the day, it was hot and the waves were choppy. The boys bogieboarded all day and we had a BBQ in the park for Lunch....CLASSIC. Can't get much better than that I believe. The kids all has a fantastic time, Kristofer has a nasty case of sunburn today though. Being 12 I thought that I could get away with putting the sunscreen on his back and allowing him to do the rest. Well he thought it would be cool to go back to school with a tan....stupid stupid stupid child!!! He's paying for it today though and I have no sympathy, I would have asked him 15 times if had put the sunscreen on properly "yes Mum" obviously not as responsible as he would like to think.
My little princess had a good day though, she loves pressies (who doesn't!!) but she got a pair of Ballet shoes cos she wants to start classes, such a girly girl that one
Oh and my birthday is on thursday, and it looks like Kelly is going to take me out....woohooo, but don't get too's to the CRICKET!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Funny old Day

Ok, so today was a pretty nothing kinda of a day. But I kinda like those. I got a page done, that I am somewhat happy with, and I have a idea for one that I am going to do tommorrow. I have made the patty cakes for Lily to take to kindy tommorrow (she's three on Sunday). I washed the floors, I did the dirty washing, all those mundane every(gawdamn)day things.

So overall a productive kind of a day...if somewhat boring

The Lo I did if for the 'How dare you' site, thier challendge is for LO that are inspired by film. I took my insipration from that tacky (yet wonderful) 80's film Dirty Dancing, and something accured to me. I really like tacky 80's films, you know....Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candels, Dream a little dream (or the Corey and Corey films), and my beloved Breakfast Club (all time Fav). They were easy to watch, I obviously hate to think to hard, always had happy endings, and they make me feel good!!!!!! I am not saying by any means that i don't enjoy a good drama, or thriller, It's just that sometimes with all the murder and crime shows on TV, I just want to watch what my DH calls 'a bit of fluff'.

Oh well thats my confession for the I have to say 5 hail Corey's or am I not the only one with a secret Patrick Swayse

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

me and my Girl

Some moments as a mummy are hard to hang on to. Some days I have to remind myself that she wont be a little girl, sitting on my lap forever...soon enough she is probably going to be embarressed to be sitting next to me ( I know this first hand with my eldest son, he's 12 and just starting the 'don't embarress me mother' thing). The one thing that I truely do love about scrapping is that I can stop and cherish these kinds of moments, they fleet away so fast. I was once told that there are two types of scrappers, Events ones (they scrap wedding and birthdays, first teeth...etc, etc) and moment scrappers, that are inspired by the 'moment' or the emotional memory that a pic can conjoure. I know which type I am and I don't care if it's popular, or not. I don't care wheather it is not recording the important events of my childrens lives or not. To me the moment is so much more truthful to the soul, not manufactured or created, but real.
My kids may not have a page dedicated to every birthday, or sporting event, but they will have albums dedicated to how much I love them, how much they mean to me, and what thier personalities are like 'right at the time I made the page'.
I know now, as an adult, that I can't remember what mum and dad got me for my 7th birthday, but I do remeber that they love me, and those are the kind of pages that I want my kids to have


Burd GONG!!!!!

Well It's offiacial, I am the worlds worse parent!!!
Yesterday morning, my darling 19 month old son, climbed up on to the outside table and realesed into the wild my husbands cockateil 'George'.
Apparently I should have been watching him, apparently I 'let' him do these things, apparently I am a lazy parent!!!!!!!
At the time the bird was broken out, I was in the little monsters bedroom, cleaning up the baby wipes that had been strewn everywhere, and I was just putting the vacume cleaner away, after he had emptied an entire bottle of shimmer embossing powder all over the computer, office, chair floor...HIMSELF!!! (I must say that the boy sparkled in the sun all day) when he came up to me pulling on my shorts, 'Burd' "Gong' 'gong' 'gong' waving his little hands around like a tap dancer. 'Gong'( or 'gone' in english) is never a good thing, it ussaually means he has broken something...particually if it is followed by an 'oh oh'. I followed him out to see the cge door flying open and no george, all I have heard ever since is 'gong' gong' , I think he feels badly for what has happened (well as badly as a baby can)
His father on the other hand is just furious...with me, I'll never understand men, I sometimes wonder why I try

Thanks for having a read

Monday, January 15, 2007

Saturday, January 13, 2007

My Boys are HOME!!!!!

Yeah!!!!! My two big boys, Kristofer and Scott came home from a camping trip with thier father last night!!!!!
I have missed them like crazy, in fact I think it was making me edgey and irriatible. They are my two from my previous marrage (i absolutley hate saying that...sounds scummy or something) and thier father who ussally only ever takes them every second weekend, took them out to mt Warning for a 10 day trip. Offcourse he also took his new live-in girlfriend and her 3 children. Not a particually happy situation for my boys (they don't get on very well with any of them) but they were looking forward to getting away. which is all well and good, but they have come home cranky and irratated. They recon that they couldn't stand another night with 'those' kids, and wanted to come home days ago. A bit sad for them really, they wanted to spend some quality time with thier father, something I encourage, but instead spent more of thier time trying to get away from 3 little rat bags, that were consuming thier fathers time anyway. Not fair!!!!!!!
But I am just soooooooo happy that they are home, I have never, ever not been able to contact them (they were out of phone range) in thier whole lives, let alone spent 10 whole days away from them, it was alot tougher on me than I think it should have been. Kris is 12 now, and I know he is getting older and will be spending more and more time away from me for a variety of reasons, and I know that he should be independant, and so should Scotto too. It's jsut that it's a bit hard on the mummy!!!! after all the crap that the 3 of us have gone trough together watching them drift away from me is probably going to be the hardest thing I have had to do, in regard to raising them, so far....the midwives didn't tell me how to deal with this part!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


yeah me!!!!! An acceptance from Scrapbooking memories!!!!!
Late last year I had a really good run with SM, they took quite a few of my LO's, 12 or so, but then I went through a real dry spell. I was still submitting and scrapbook creations took one, but I was getting no love from SM. I was a bit ummm concerned quite frankly.But today my drought was broken and they have taken one YEAH!!!!!!!!
I really do scrap for pleasure but I will honestly say that the recognision is nice, a really good feeling that you are doing OK.
The LO they have taken is one called 'Mates' about my son and my bestie Lu's son Blayd. They are actually cousins, but they are the best of mates first. The funny thing is I was so lacking in personal mojo the other day when I did the LO I ripped an idea, well a few actually off Lu. The LO has alot of her techniques on it that she did on a couple of LO she has done recently that I loved....I hope SM taken them too, would seem a bit unfair otherwise
Any hoo, just had to share...too excited!!!!

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

New Phone!!!

I have a new toy!!
My mobile was up for renewal, so I took the opportunity to upgrade. Cool toy it is too. Cos Kelly got his phone at the same time, we both have the same new phone now...and very cool features. This video conferencing will be fun, now when he tells me he is on his way home, I can actually see weather he is at the pub or to love technology!!!!!!
isn't it funny how some little things can make your day so much better, now all I have to do is find the song 'Bitch' for my ringtone and it will be happy happy joy joy!!!!!!!

Bloody Kids

I love my children, don't get me wrong, but some days I wonder what the name of good gravy am I doing!!!!!!
My youngest is driving me NUTS!!!!!!! You would think that by the time you have your 5th child, you would have the whole parenting thing worked out....WRONG!!!!!!
This kid is doing my head in. I love him to death, and he is a cutie, but my hat is he a handful. for everything I need to do he makes me pay. If I want to hang the washing on the line, he throws the washing on the gound, so I battle to keep it in the basket. If I want to pack the dishwasher he is beside me tring to pull the draws out. God forbid I want to get a little scrapping done!!!! He just pulls the house apart for the mear thrill of seeing the mess. It might be alright if he pulled all the plastic cups and plates out of the cupboard and then played with them, but no he pulls them out, throws them all over the floor and moves on. He will pull all the books of the shelf, not look at any of them, and then...move onn to the next thing to distroy!!!! He has more toys than I can count, but all they are is projectiles!!!! I am at my wits end!!! all I do all day is pick up after the monster 18month old.
I told Kel that all I want for my birthday(25th of this month BTW) is one single day where I don't have to get down on my hands and knees for anything!!!!!
Huh, in the time it has taken me to type this he has, eaten another 2 ink pads (a particular fav), distroyed a journalling pen, unrolled a roll of glad wrap, pulled all the books of the shelf, made of with his sisters doll (much distress), and rolled the carpet mat in the lounge room in to the corner. Best go now, he has found Lily's milo and is sprinkleing it all over the floor ARGHHHHHHH