Friday, November 14, 2008

Hello are we???

Now where do we start...hummmmm

how about
, Inspired by Alice in get?

This is my
, White , Lime and scallops....gotta love 3 year old boys huh....:)

And this is my ONE LITTLE WORD, This time it's the word 'LISTEN'

Now for CATAGORY STORIES, Inspired by your telephone, now I know this isn't a LO, but the beautiful Jilly has got me all hooked on mixed media stuff right now, so I did one of those....hope it counts.....:)

And talking of mixed media...I did this one just for fun....:)

As for me, I'm all good....I think....just flat out....but then again aren't we

have a great day

Cass xxxx

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

KAISER KASIER KASIER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok it may have seemed that I crawled into some sort of cyber hole, but in truth I have been a little busy and just haven't really been able to show you all what I have been up to....LOL

Anyways Kaiser have yet again done it YET, and released some truely yummy yum yum paper that I have had a ball playing with. The Pinky green one is called Waterberry (i did the 'scrap' cubes in that one and two LO's...loved, and the the greeny brown one actually has owl's on the other papers and is called 'what a hoot'....(the 'Grin' LO). But I think my absoulute FAV would have to be the red, white and black one called 'Sakura Park'....delious!!! (The 'my handsome boy' LO.

Oh and I also did this tissue box, in an older range....don't really know why, just felt like emmbellishing a tissue box...must have been a

Anyways thats it from me I guess. How is everyones Christmas plans going....and offcourse the shopping. I am totally up to my you know whats in it all at the moment....November has truely become hell month for many many places to be....TOO many things to do....oh well the joys of a family huh??


Cass xxxx