Wednesday, November 29, 2006

thw world is 'harshing on my Mojo'

Whatever is going on in the universe!!!! I am having such a suck hole week!!!!!!!! Everything and everyone seem to want money of me this week, they are coming left and right. I am soo stressed and sooo worried about my current finacial issues that I can't even scrap!!!! I absolutley HATE that. Scrapping is my one peace, my one way of forgetting my troubles and when the world starts harshing on my Mojo I get angry. I had a few hours today....alone the house......and I did housework!!!!!! I need my head read!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Today SUX!!!!!!!!

Today really really sux!!!!

I have had an on-going issue with my car. Last Wednesday I picked up some paint for Kel. He's a painter, not an artist but a house painter. So doing the good wifey thing I often pick up his gear. I was doing a few differnt things on Wed, basically cos it is a day a week were all my kids are at school or kindy. So i picked up the 20L of white paint about 10am, and then ran around doing Christmas Shopping. I then went to Mum's to drop of those santa gifts (no where to hide them at home) when I open the boot of my Land crusier to find a 10 L tin of paint has empited itself all over the back of my car.

Now let me tell you 10L of paint dose alot of damage!!!!! That crap gets everywhere!!!!! I drove home immedatley, organised my sister to pick up the kids and then proceded to spent the next 3 HOURS hosing the paint out of the back of my car. Not all of it will ever come off, it wont come of the vinal car seats and I didn't even bother with the underside of car.

I had to use my mothers car for the rest of the week and weekend while my car dryed out. On Saturday I checked to the engine to make sure the battery hadn't gone flat or anything and it was fine, I had made sure that all the lights and stuff had been turned off.

Kelly went out on saturday night and got blind rotten druck with his mates (this is a whole other entry) but after much arguing on Sunday he put the seats back into my car so that I could give my mother back hers. Yesterday afternoon she picked up her car, and all seemed well, (except for the fact that my car is well...stuffed, paint that will never come off everywhere).

This morning I jump into the car that hasn't moved since wednesday last week, and yes you guessed it BATTERY is FLAT!!!!!!!!!! Another $180 dollars down the crapper.

My darling hung over husband must have left the internal light on since Sunday. So I had to holler for a marshall before I could go anywhwere. I took the kids to the docter about 10.30am (approx. 2 hours later than I wanted to ) and cos Ronin went to sleep in the car on the way home, He's 18 months old, I didn't get a hell of alot of peace time (this is what I call the time when the boy sleeps). Lily, who is only 2 mind you, has a mild ear infection, but to listen to her you would assume that she has some horrific flesh eating virus....whine whine whine all day.

Scott, who's 10, comes home this afternoon telling me that he forgot to tell me he has a cricket break-up party tommorrow night, and could he have some money please. And Kristofer, 12, has done nothing all afternoon except complain that Lily is hogging the TV, and he has some really important carton to watch and how life is just unfair and the world is against him!!!!!. (I tell ya, I am too young to be dealing with teenaged crap!!!).

I am soo looking forward to bed tonight, maybe tommorrow will be better. Or more likely what will be my next catoclismic event!!!

Thanks for reading
crazy!!!!! that's what this is!!!!!!