Tuesday, July 31, 2007

OK so what have I been up tooo...ummmm well.

The shop has been mega busy with the 30% off sale, lots of on-line orders to pack and lovely ladies (and a few gents) to serve. We are so trying our damnest to make sure all the orders get out as quickly as humanly posible. Personally I hate waiting for stuff myself , and I really think the customers deserve prompt service too.

Ronin had a bout of some tummy bug on Sunday. He is ussally such an energetic thing that to see him lying on the couch like a dead thing just about broke my heart. All is well now though, in fact he was totally over it by the next morning, kids have such resiliance.

Kelly is currently ploughing his way through Harry Potter. He can only read at night after the kids have gone to bed, so it's pretty slow going for him. Much to the frustration of Kristofer, who is busting a gut to talk to him about it.

I did do a couple of LO's today though...so as always, I share

This is the LO I have done for the All About Eve Blog Challenge. The inspiration was 'Escape'....and well, a cup of coffee is about as close as I can get to a holiday these days....lol

This is offourse my new born newphew Toby with his Daddy Tim, I just love this photo of them, Tim has such a beautiful look on his face, utter enchantment. He looks so pleased with himself too, almost like 'aren't I clever, look what I did' I am sure my little sister Trisha would think that perhaps she should take some of the credit too though...she cooked him up good....lol

Well I think thats about it....I think. I am off to the shop again tommorrow and I believe that a couple of Ladies from the SM forum are coming in...Yeah, I love vistors!!!!!!

Take care


Cass xxxx

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Yeah Yeah Yeah......

I Know...it's and old excuse, and truely I think I would be bored off my nut if I didn't have to rush around all the time....but the truth is I have been really busy...even for me

Have to be quick even down...Have dinner to make. I did some LO's over the weekend and thought I would share

WARNING!!!! those with sensitive eyes may want to but thier sunnies on before looking at the last one....what was I thinking!!!!!!!????????

seeeeeee told you it is bright!!!! LOL

Anyways, I'm off to the shop tommorrow, no doubt it too will be busy, with out sale and all,

Hope you all had a great weekend

Cass xxxx

Saturday, July 28, 2007

30% off EVERTHING SALE!!!!!

Yep 30% off everything at CYBERSCRAPS (except our Bazzil, which is 70cents everyday anyway!!)

This is both on-line and in store, while stocks lasts.

We are getting in so much new stuff from CHA that we have to move what we have.

The sale runs for 2 weeks, so get cracking...as the adverts say...lol


Sorry for the Blantant advertising...but I do love a sale myself so I thought I would share

Back later with a more...me post....lol

Take care

Cass xxxx

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

OK...I should be doing other things....

I should be washing clothes
I should be cleaning the kitchen
I should be vacuming the floor
I should be sorting out our tax stuff
I should be folding clothes
I should be organising food for dinner
I should be tiding the little kids rooms
I should be doing some commissions LO's
I should be trying to find my scrap desk
I should be cleaning our ensuite
BUT I DON"T WANT TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am feeling really really lazy today. Ronin is asleep right now, a time when I can ussally shoot around getting lots done without interuption.But today I jsut want to sit on my bum and do nothing. I am consoling myself with the fact that by updating my Blog I am actually doing SOMETHING...be it all not that constructive to the overall running of the house...but hey, you get that

So yesterday in the shop was a VERY busy day...love that, Kat came in for a bit of a spending spree...hope your having fun rolling around on the floor in all that fabo new paper and stuff girls!!!!!

But GUESS WHAT!!!!!!!

(I am going to assume I heard a ...'WHAT???' in a very excited tone)

Our Klick and Kut arrived in the shop today!!! YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!!!!!!!

this machine is going to be my new favourite thing I can tell already, it cuts anything you can find on a computer out of paper...and get this CHIPBOARD !!!!!!!!
How cool is that!!!! (I know I am going a bit OTT...but I am very excited)
Offcourse it will be living in the shop and will be available for classes and crops...how cool, so come on down and check it out!!! Cath is giving us a lesson on howe to use it tommorrow in the shop....so excited!!!

well now that I have had my little moment, I have done a couple of LO's to share too

The first one is our advanced class for next month, to celebrate fathers day

You Like????
book a class and I show you how to do it....dead easy!!!

Thanks for dropping by, and I really now SHOULD go and do something other than bludge huh??? maybe I will go watch some trashie TV instead...now thats a plan stan!!!

Hugs and Kisses
Cass xxxx

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Green scanning!!!ARGH!!!!!!!!

(or whatever my scanning wants to be called!!!!!......right now I could think of a few choice names!!!)

It appears that my scanner wasn't just having a bad day the other day....cos it has done it again....everything is GREEN!!!!!!!!!!
I will have to get the Lovely Doug (Lu's other half) to come and have a look at it I think...he is a computer genius our Dougie and has gotten me out of more techology jams than I care to think off

Anyway I wanted to share a couple of LO's I did on Friday night at our little crop...so please excuse the hue of green....(as Kermit the frog would say...'it's not easy being green'...which might be alright if your a frog, not so good if your a LO)

This is one I did of my Darling Ronin. Does anyone remeber the movie 'Michael' with John Travola??? I stole a line out of that. The ladies at kindy often say to me how beautiful my little man is, white blonde curls blowing the breeze, often he looks like a baby cherub that you see in paintings. Well let me tell you, he is most DEFINATLY NOT that kind of angel!!!!! More the kind that rains fire and brimstone I recon....an angel of destruction of sorts

I was gagging to use the Hambly rub-on wings....and was glad when this idea struck...love those rub-ons!!!!!!

Well I think this LO says more about me than it does about my daughter. We were at the park the other week when I took this. I had honestly just sat down from pushing her. The face sys it all really......I am not exactly sure what makes me a worse mummy, the fact that I am not pushing her, or the fact that I was so amused with the tanturm she pulled that I took a photo of it....lol

Well guys, I hope you all had a good weekend. Scott lost his soccer match yesterday, but we took the team to Pizza Hut for luch, so they were all happy with that. My kids had a sleep over at grandma and grandads last night and Kelly and I went and saw Harry Potter...I had such a good time, it was so nice to be 'Just Us' for a few hours and we BOTH got a sleep in this morning too...totally unheard of.
Kristofer picked up his Harry Potter book yesterday at about 2.30 in the afternoon, and had finished reading it by last night......even though he said he was going to ration out the chapters, he couldn't help himself. He won footy today too 38-12, so he is a happy camper.

Just quickly, my good buddy Alana Steadman, along with Rachelle Minette and Sandra Gredes are teaching Classes for OUTBACK SCRAP....I am mighty sure it would be fantastic. I have seen the class discriptions and it looks like so much fun. Check out her Blog for details.

Well I think thats about it. Thanks to all the ladies who left comments this week...very appreciated ((((Hugs))))))

Keep smilin'

Cass xxxx

Thursday, July 19, 2007

It's a Challenges kinda Day

OK so have gotten a few things done today...so i figured I would share

This is the LO I did for the HOW DARE YOU Blog. You had to use something that you found in an op shop (the music paper) no patterned paper ( i guess I cheated a bit with my op shop find) and the LO had to be 6"x 12"...VERY challenging indeed...but alot of fun to do something on a different scale

This is my LO for the All About Eve Blog. The challengle was to scrap your age...I actually like being 32...I am far more comfiortable with who i am now than I ever was when I was 22

This is the one I did for the ONE LITTLE WORD Blog...the word was 'Simplicity'. I love wedding rings particually mine..simply because they are just that...simple....and a constant reminder of truth, love and commitment....sappy huh???

and these are two LO's that I started the other day and didn't get finished

So that's it...a day of paper and challenges. Oh yeah and we had a house inspection today too...Boy do I HATE those...I recon those rwal-estate agents are just nosey.

Oh well nose to the grind stone...off to cook dinner for the staving masses

Keep smilin'

Cass xxxx

Monday, July 16, 2007


Well my little sister FINALLY had her baby this morning. Toby John was born at 8.36am, weighed 3kg exactly (6'9...in the old scale) 48cm long and just so adorable I could eat him up...lol. He has a mop of dark hair....I always wanted one with hair. It is actually his older brother Sebastian's 2nd birthday today....what a pressie!!!! Tim (Tobes's dad) said to Trisha this morning 'When I said I wanted my kids about 2 years apart, I did actually literally mean two years EXACTLY!!!' Oh well I recon....at least they won't forget each others birthday!!!

I just had to share a couple of pic. This is him about 8 hours old. My second son Scotto was just busting for a couddle....isn't he just tooo darn cute!!!!!

And these are a couple of the LO's that I started on Friday and finished late yesterday. The bed one is for the cyberscraps 'get real challenge' this month it is scrap your quirks

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Finally....a Pic of my new Ink

OK so it has taken me a while to post a pic of it...basically because I can't actually take a photo of in myself, but here is my Tattoo....anit she prrreettty????

The 5 stars represent my 5 kids...the big ones are my boys and the smaller ones my girls......also cos I am a five star kinda girl....lol

Well it has been a pretty busy weekend, and I haven't finished those LO's yet...yeah Alana, I know, pretty slack huh!!

Scott played two games of soccer yesterday...the way the Socceroos are playing we are expecting a call up any day now...lol and Kris had an extra footy training session yesterday morning too. He offcourse had his game today and they won, beating the team at the top of the ladder, so he is pretty excited. My darling little sister Katie took my two older boys to the Harry Potter movie this morning too...lucky things!!! and Kelly and I took the little ones shopping. I managed to get a couple of pairs of cargos, so i am pretty happy.
Well off to work tommorrow...my happy place!!!
Just quickly. Lovely Lu has a Basic Grey RAK going ATM too....drop on over and leave a comment to be in the running

and secondly BIG congrats to Kerry Murray. she has done a LO of my beautiful Lily as part of our cyberscraps LO swap that has been accepted by Basic grey in thier gallery....check it out here. I have a few in there at the moment too...check em' out!!!

well me thinks that it for the moment...thanks for having a lookie and a read

Hugs and Kisses

Cass xxxx

Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday Frig around

Why is it that all the crap hits the fan on a friday??? is it because it's all rush rush rush...well it is in our house anyway.
Would you believe that I have started...but not finished 3 LO's today. I think that is the order of the day....everything done half arsed!!!!(can you tell I am venting!!!)

My older boys have procrastinated something dreaful this afternoon...no tasks completed, just attemped. Kelly is in a foul old mood....something work realated no doubt, and Lily has just been so busting to get back to ballet that she cracked the biggest patty when it was time to go home. She figured that because she missed the last two weeks, on school holidays that her class should go at least twice as long....how do you explain that to a 3 year old!!!!????!!!!

phew, rock on 7.30pm....I am going to crack a bottle of red and have a little sit down mw thinks.

Oh yeah I recieved my copy of SM Vol 9 issue 2 today. I have my first product challenge in it, and a LO in the rub-on's gallery. And my beloved Lu has one in the day in your life gallery....check it out...it's Fantastic!!!!
I have updated my pubs Blog too with the lasted acceptances and publications for those who are interested....lol

Catch ya's later

Cass xxxx

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Basic grey 'INFUSE' frenzy!!!!!

OK so I went a bit nuts today with the new Range...and i have to say i was pretty happy with the results

well guys, this is short and sweet...off to footy training

Catch ya's later

Cass xxxx

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

WHAT A DAY!!!!!!

I will start with the easiest thing and then work up to the more eventful

I had an urge to do this LO on Kristofer this morning...funny little urge that said I must do it now....I don't tend to ignore those. It ended up being a little poetic in the end....read on dear friends....lol

This was an exciting thing that I have neglected to mention before....mind of a pancake sometimes I have.

And it's Offical!!! My little sister Rebekah is getting married!!!!!! The magnificent Matt asked her on Saturday (took him long enough....lol) funnily enough at the place where he first asked her out....beautiful and on the 7/7/07 too...he's a romantic boy our Matt....welcome to the family matey, not that you weren't before, but I guess now as I said, it's offical. I love you both dearly and I can't think a more suited couple....fireworks and all....lol

Here's the ring....another beauitful thing!!!!

And now....dum da da....!!!!!!!

Well after what seemed like an eternity of waiting we finally got THE letter today to say that Kristofer has been accepted into the Queensland Acadamies, Griffith University Heath Services!!!!!!!!! he was so excited....beside himself actually....I cried and cried, I am soooo darn proud of this boy, my heart could burst right now. Still the scrapper in me had the camera ready when he openned said letter....pathetic really....lol

And that's it...I think...anything could happen at this point. Well My other little sister Trisha is due to have a baby any day...perhaps Toby could poke his head out this week....these things are supposed to come in 3's aren't they???????

Take Care

Hugs and Kisses

Cass xxxx

Off the Page stuff

Sometimes I just get an urge to do something other than a page, so when Cath got these gorgeous little dress forms in (she stands about 30cm tall) I decided that would be fun. She also gave Lu and I this Fabo caddy's...so while the urge was there I thought I would do it yesterday. Offcourse the New 'Infuse' stuff by Basic grey, has just been screaming at me ever since in came into the shop too...so everything worked out nicely. Apologise to those with sensitive eyes...they are very PINK!!!!!!
Well I suppose I should get some housework done...BLAH!!!!!!!!

BIG shout out to my darling Lu, who is busting her gut in all sorts of directions ATM...hang in there babe, it will be all over with in a week

Thanks for dropping by,

Keep smilin'

Cass xxxx

Monday, July 9, 2007

OK Where do I start??? I have had a HUGE weekend!!!! so I guess I should start at the beginning.
Lu and I had a friday night crop. The brand spanking new Basic grey was on the menu, so I have done a couple of LO useing it.

This Last LO I actually started during the week. You probably can't read the journalling, but for some reason this LO which started out innocent enough has made me a little sad. You see the human brain can't recall sound. We can remember sight and touch and all the other senses, but after 3 months of not hearing a sound we can't remember it unless we hear it again. I know this because I had a mind panic attack when I realsised I could no longer remember what Mikayla's voice sounded like. I went off to a doctor and he told me it was normal...but still pretty devastating IYKWIM. So this LO was about the fact that some day the sound of Lily and Caelighs little girl laughter will be gone...and we won't be about to remeber it...hense the title. I loved the Silverchair song, and it was my original inspiration.
Anywhooo on we go.....

So Saturday I did something some would think stupid...one is my mother!!! I got a tattoo!!!! At 32 years old I think I still haven't grown up, but it is something I have always wanted and now I feel that I have come to a stage in my life that I am comfortable with who I am and what I am to go ahead and do it without reservation and that inpending fear of doom which in my younger years told me that for some reason if I got a tattoo the world would end....IYKWIM???
I don't have a picture of it yet...I will put it up here when I do. It is a searies of 5 stars running down my spine (OMG did it hurt). There are 3 bigger stars for my boys and 2 smaller one to represent my girls. I love it and Kelly does too. I will forever be grateful for my darling LU for coming with me, because let me tell you it CAINED!!!!!! I had to sit in the same position and not talk for three hours...anyone that knows me will know that that is torcher in itself....lolBut Lu talked and Talked and without her voice I think I would have gone mad....thank-you babe
and now Sunday.....

We had Kristofer 13th birthday party on Sunday afternoon. Half the footy team came, and believe me all those boys can sure make some noise. But in all honesty they were all fantatically behaved. They played footy in the backyard, and soccer and watch Starship Troopers and ate and ate and ate.They finished off the day with and ice fight....silly really cos it was pretty cold at 6pm....but I am beginning to think that as they get older and the testosetrone increases they get sillyer and siller...until they are men!!!!!

well thats it..phew...quite event filled really

Hope everyone eles had a great weekend, I am off to the shop today...by my self...Lu has typing duties this week, so it will be quiet and I will miss her...come in and say 'hi'

thanks for having a read


Cass xxxx

Thursday, July 5, 2007

So it is currently 6.30am...in other words Too Darn EARLY!!! the sad thing is I have already been up for an hour and a half. Ronin decided this morning that he didn't want to sleep anymore, and he wouldn't even lie down with me. So I had to get out of bed even before Kelly....never do that.
Anyway, school holidays are nearly over, and too be honest I have really enjoyed having the big boys around....and offcourse not having to do the school run. Football and soccer training and games will start back up again on monday too...it's been a nice break form all the rushing around, we have actually eaten meals as a family for a whole week or so....unbeleiveable!!!
Here a few LO's I have done in the last couple of days. I got that photo of Lily and asked Kel what he thought I should title it. 'Beware' he said. OK but my next thought was 'the Bitch bites' but I guessed that isn't something one should put on a LO...lol. I kept his title idea though...he likes to feel involved, lol.

This is my Dares LO, it was to use Fabric, all that pink and black stuff is actually fabric, I covered the chippy board with it, and made patches at the bottom of the LO

Thanks for having a lookie, and I hope everyone is having a great day


I will leave you with this...

'Babies are angels who's wings decrease as thier legs increase'

Keep Smilin'
Cass xxxx

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Lovely Lu has a RAK

Just quickly, the beautiful and talented Lu Griffin is giving away a RAK on her Blog

Wouls you believe that it is a couple of sheets of HAMBLY RUB-ON's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we got these in the shop yesterday and believe me they are AMAZING. Just pop over to her Blog and leave a comment to be in the running


cheers and have a great day

Cass xxxx

Monday, July 2, 2007

Quick share

Had a good day in the shop today.
We got a delivery of the most YUMMY Hambly rub-on's, delicious swirls and florishes, and most excitingly WINGS!!!!! I can't describ to you how good these are...they should be on the cyberscraps site me thinks

Anywayhere a few I did in the shop today.Check out the size of my little sister's belly...Toby should be here any day noe...VERY EXCITING

Well, Lily has decided that she is having a sleep over at Grandma's tonight, and Scott is off to Aunty Lu's (lucky Her)

Hugs and Kisses

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Happy Birthday Kris!!!!

Well Kris turned 13 today, and we were really hoping to celebrate his acceptance into the academy, but because of government nonsense will will have to wait for that til next week....offer can not be made via e-mail now, they have to come out in the post. No doubt Kris will be stalking the post man all week now!!!!

Anyway he has had a great day. He got some fantastic medical textbooks, and a really coolcube thingy. He got some DVD's and a Missy Higgins CD. A pre-paid voucher for the next Harry Potter book, and some beautiful engraved pens.

Bit of a hard day for mummy though, I had a few tears this morning. My baby is a teenager!!!!!!!!!!!! all a bit much actually. Part of me feels WAY too young to be the mother of a teenager and another part feels every bit of it. The older the kids get the more I realise that the midwife in the hospital was right. When I had Kris I was 19, and just a baby myself, but this lovely midwife...and for the life of me I can't remember her name said to me 'Having a baby is like ripping your heart from your chest and letting it walk around exposed to the world, you can only protect it so much and only for so long before it walks away'
At the time I thought it was pretty harsh, I now know not a truer word has been spoken. I know he will always love me, and I know he will always come home form time to time....but the stark reality that he is slowly (at a more rapid pace lately) slipping away from me is just a bit hard on my old heart.

Gosh I am such a SOOK!!!!!!!!!

Hope you all had a fabo day, and I am off to the shop tommorrow to stalk the deliver men, we are waiting on alot of really cool new stuff, including the brand spanking new Basic Grey line...I can hardly wait for that

Any old hoo....catch ya later Bill and Ted

Cass xxxx