Friday, July 31, 2009

see what I did...:)

Now I do know that alot of people have windows above the bed, but personally I just don't like it. There's something about looking up and seeing curtins or blinds that just doesn't appeal to me, and I think I read once that it's bad feng shi or something (good dreams all flying out the window or something or other). Anyways the new house had a window above the bed, as wll as another big full length one, sooooooooo, I got hubby to take off all the window framing and cover the damnable thing up (we made sure the window was and frame around it. So I painted a bit of an arty looking thing on it and used my favourte airconditioning blades for the flowers.....You Like???????

Have a great weekend all

Cass xxxx
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Monday, July 27, 2009

I growed a wose....:)


my first one ver and I am so very proud!!!....:)


cass xxxx
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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Monday, July 20, 2009

a few LO's to share...:)

OK so it's probably NOT my best work ever...but they were fun to do and I guess that's the main thing!!...:)



Oh I have sent away my master project too, and I had REAL fun doing that stuff!! I was so happy that I was able to enter this year and the catagories were not to difficult so I figured I might as well give it a go...anyone eles thrown thier hat in the ring???!!!...hmmmm???!!!!


Cass xxxx
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Monday, July 13, 2009

Let me start by saying that as a general right I don't drink. Not that I have anything against a glass...or so of wine, it's just that I have sort of figured out that I am silly enough without it, and ofcourse with 4 children I don't ussally have the time or opportunity. But Saturday night was a rare occassion. My beautiful parents had bought a table at the Beenleigh PCYC charity dinner, and seeing as there are 10 of us adults in the immediate family (me,mum and dad, my sisters, and our partners) it sort of became a family event. Mum and Dad picked us up, and the kids were babysat, and I had a few glasses of champange...and then a few more.....ho hum. Probably the first time in years I have drank more that I should have, and boy did I pay for it yesterday, but at the time it was great!! I think as a family we all laughed so much our sides hurt. My sister Katie's Hubby got up and danced with me, poor guy, totally bullied him into that one!!
Anyways I took my camera and although the pic isn't great (cheak out the bottle pointing right at my Mummy's chin) it's been a long time since my sisters and I had a photo with out Mum and Dada, so I thought I would share

Well I guess that's it...thanks the heavens school goes back tommorrow, I have spent all day cleaning up and doing all my good little wifey chores so that tommorrow, the first day by myself in 3 WEEKS!!!, I can create something...well that's the plan anyway!!


Cass xxxx
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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What a beautiful Honor!!

The gorgeous Tamar from Tarisota has asked me to be involvled in
Creating Hope
, a truely inspirational and beautiful idea

"Imagine if we gathered together 100 mixed media artists from all over and asked them to create a small charm or tag in their very own favourite style.

Imagine if their message was one of positive affirmation.

Imagine if we then took those pieces and used them to create a fabulous one of a kind dress form.

Imagine how beautiful and special that would be.

Imagine the chance to own that piece."

Feeling uplifted??...I know I am

To find out more click here

And to make a donation, have a lookie here

This beautiful creation will be updated as it unfolds....check it out....follow this link

I couldn't be more excited to be involvled with something this worthwhile and how amazing it will be to see all the peices come together

Massive Hugs

Cass xxxx

Friday, July 3, 2009

Mmmmm Glimmer mist!!

I LOVE this stuff!!

Tattered Angels is running a contest over this weekend.. and this is how you can go into the draw:
For this giveaway we are asking people to do a simple post on their blogs or websites with the picture of the new bottles and the phrase, *Glimmer Mist** is the **same great product with a* *Fabulous NEW Look!*
Then you email the link to your blog to Liz at this addy: and she will verify and add your name to the list. Liz will randomly pick 3 winners who will win a six pack of the brand new, never released WINTER 2009 colors!!! They are not on the market yet, and winners will be the first to receive them!

MASSIVE Coolness!!!

Cass xxxx


I am too too too young to have a 15 year old, I know it, but I am so so so lucky that the one I have is as beautiful as this one
Happy Birthday Baby




A day of fun and art,of interesting bits and bots, odd hats, and a young man's arm around my shoulders, and I can honestly say my heart bursts with pride for this's true what they say...the best men are those you give birth to!!!

Cass xxxx
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Now when I was a little Girl.....

this may well have freaked me out!!!, but it is all soooo Lily it's frightening. Her Grandfather built this bed for her and her Daddy painted it,The dressing table and bedside, used to be my grandmothers, then my mums , then mine, and now hers. Just a lick of white gloss and some glass knobs...nice huh??? so now the room is (in the words of Little Einstiens) Mission Completion....and I don't think it gets any more 'girlie' than this!!!





*sigh* oh to be a 5 year old princess...I am SURE I never was!!!


Cass xxxx
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