Sunday, October 19, 2008


Hi Hello Howdy....:)

How is everyone this fine Sunday

Anyways firstly A big shout out to our girl Lusi whom has just announced she is expecting her 4th wee little bubba!!!!......CONGRATS babe, so happy for you Brett and the rest of the Fam!!!

As for my weekend well, we have been a little on the busy side with kids and what not. Lu came over last night and we scrapped and laughed and generally had a good time throwing some product you

I did a couple of challenge blogs.
This first on is for Category Stories, and the inspiration was the word 'ick'.....enough

I also thought I would take a chhop at the 'Inspired by Amelie' site. Not too much to say really about this...other than I think you really shouldn't take yourself too seriously sometimes, and just let the laughter

And one just for fun. Kelly and I took the kids to Southbank a few weeks ago to cruise around the markets, and eat icecream by the water....beautiful!!!

Well I guesss that's it for me....hope all is well in your little universe

big hugs

Cass xxxx

Thursday, October 16, 2008


well big for me anyways..........

So a fair bit has been going on in my little world I guess, nothing huge, but I do seem to be hugely busy for one reason or another, and as a consequence I have been a very bad So this post is a bit of a catch up on what I have been up to

Well I have done a couple of challenge blogs.....

Here my ONE LITTLE WORD. You had to use the word 'keep', and this LO started out as a good idea...I think it kinda went pear shaped a little...but oh least Kelly likes it....:):):)

After winning last months challenge (woohoo for me...LOL) I felt all inspired to give this months WHITE WITH ONE challenge a go. This moth it is orange and white (offcouse) and incorparating stamping as well....I kinda like the results of this one....even if Kris looks like he has a BIG nose...LOL

Quite excitingly for me I have been asked to be a guest teacher here in Brissy for STAMPING AND SCRAPBOOKING MADNESS at Coorparoo, so here's the class that I will be teaching.....class times and details soon!!!

And here's a few 'Christmas' LO's I have done for Scrapware

Now as for the family....all is well. We are currently getting ready for the end of year dance perfomance with Lily, and you can only imagine how exciting that is with all the costumes and sequiens. Kristofer had his footy trophy day last weekend and actually walked away with one for most proud. Scotto is plotting along as ussal, looking forward to the end of year too and his band perfomances...who would have thought he could actually play that damnable, he is getting over a very bad case of midgie bites from the recent camping trip too. Anyone with red hair will understand how much flying, biting things love the fair skin tones. And my poor little Ronin has a bit of the flu, nothing dramatic, but he aint feeling the best...and now mummy is pretty tired too...gotta love broken sleep. Kelly has been a busy boy, off to the soccer last night, I am pretty sure he had a ball, and he's working lots of long hours too....I tend to be doing the 'single parent thing' a fair bit lately...hate that, I miss him. My sisters and I have started a mixed Netball team for Sunday afternoons...and my beautiful Lu is playing with fun, but sore muscles....:)

Hope all is well on your little end of the universe


Cass xxxx

Friday, October 10, 2008

Aussie Scrap Jack

Well, I have been on the challendge blogs

this is my version of Kathie Link's LO for Aussie Scrapjack

I don't think I have done a MASSIVE title in soo long...but I knda liked it....:):):)

have a great day

Cass xxxx