Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Back in the swing

Yesterday was my first day back in the shop for a couple of weeks, so you can imagine my joy when I was greeted with the BRAND NEW BASIC GREY!!!!!

And offcourse I just had to play with it!!!....lol

AT cyberScraps we have all the new papers in the EVA and AMBROSIA ranges...too cool...I am partically in love with the new Ambrosia...all oranges, red, yellows and shades of grey...YUM YUM YUM!!!!


Just for those of you who might be intersted I have few left over kits from the recent OUTBACK SCRAP convention for sale for $25, incluing postage....well over that in retail value....just e-mail me if you would like one. the pictures of the finished product are down a bit in an earlier post...'Love Me' LO and the OTP 'Carry Box

Have a great day everyone...:):):)

Cass xxxx

P>S>-- woohooo...two post in two days...good me...LOL

Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm Back!!!!!!!

Well Bthe busy little bee I have been has returned home from the most AMAZING trip !!!! Hugendon was just fabulous and I loved every minute of being there!!!!!!Plenty of laughs and some really fun scrapping...ofcourse I just have to share some pics with you....believe me though...I have SOOOO many beautiful photos.
Check out Lu and I lying on the road like idiots...and the road kill in the background....LOL...we are such wally's. And the hhall is HUGE and so well equiped...BEAUTIFUL!!!!!, Rachelle, Sandra Lu and I had 3 busy days teaching classes to some really great ladies...some of whom I will never forget...Thanks so much girls for making my time there so much fun. And to Kerry, Lindy, Karen and ALL the organisers you did a truely AMAZING job...THANK-YOU!!!!!!
The little cottage you see is on Kerry's property where Lu and I stayed, can you honestly imagine how beautiful the sun rises and sun sets were???!!!, and Allan, Kerry's darling hubby, apart from cooking Lu and I the most amazing brekkies every morning, took us out mustering his cattle...so that's Lu and I (city girls...LOL) on the 4 wheel motor bikes moveing Allans moo cows and darling little potty calves to another paddock. Even though Lu had a little problem with a love stuck bull (don't ask...LOL) it is a memory I will will treasure for always.
I would so love to take my kids there, to let them roam amoungst the cow pads, and breath in the beautiful fresh air and see what Australia is really all about!!!!

Well back to reality a little bit...I am off to the shop today...I have missed it a bit to be honest and there is a crop on at CyberScraps this friday too...come along and I will prosmise to show you so many pics your head will spin...LOL

have a great day y'all...:):):)

Cass xxxx