Monday, May 19, 2008

New Papers!!!!!

Few things in this world get my scrapping heart racing as much as new yummy paper!!!
At CyberScraps we just got in the new basic grey and Creative imaginations papers offcourse I had to have a play!!!!!

This one is Kaiser papers (also in the shop) but the Lo is of my 12 year old son and his...ummm...little friend Jemma, aren't they just too cute!!!!! it was so funny tring to get a photo of the two of them, they kept giggling and poor Scotto went as red as a beetroot, so sweet, so innocent, so made me wish I was 12 again...for about 2.5 milli seconds!!!!!

Anyways on an ironic note, for those of you that read the previous post about Kris's bottom lip (which BTW is heal FANTASTIC, and he played footy on the weekend no worries). I took Ronin to kindy on friday, just got home after dropping him off and I get a phone call. 'better come back, Ronin has tripped over getting out of the sand pit and has put his bottom teeth through his lip!!!' CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!!!!. As it turns out is wasn't too bad an injury, a bit of a scrap on the chin and a small cut on the inside of his lip (same place as Kris's funnily enough), but the poor little guy was so scraed that thought he had to go to the hospital, like Kris, because there was so much blood!!!. He's fine now..if not a little concerned about his blood coming out his body again. I tell ya's I was very tempted to make Scott play soccer in a motorcycle helmet on the weekend...cos things come in 3's apparently, but he just laughed at me...and I was half serious!!!! that lip of his MUST be on borrowed time!!!
Neither boy will let me take a photo either..I had visions of a photo of the two of them with thier lips sticking out titled Busted!!...but they wont be in it, and it doesn't help when all Kelly says is 'just wait until Scott busts his and then you can do all 3' can be soooo funny...NOT!!!!

Anyways, hope everyone had a great weekend...and a great week to come!!!!


Cass xxxx

Monday, May 12, 2008

Where have I been!!!!

as the song goes...'Ive been everywhere man'!!!!

I have had an incredibly busy few weeks, met some asbolutly AMAZING people and had some real fun!!!Lu and I were lucky enough to be asked to man the Kaisercraft 'shed' at the stitches and craft show here in brissy. Met the fantastic Melissa Kennedy and Claire Stewart (formaly of SM and now working for Living Creativly). Was sooo much fun, even if were so incredibly busy and by the end of the 5 days I could barely feel my The car rides in a out of the covention center were a real highlight, as Lu and I car pooled with the ever wondeful Jilly GG, I don't think I have laughed so much while driving ever!!! (BTW Jill, thanks for letting me drive your it!!!)
Claire is such a beautiful girl, real pleasure working with her, and she made giving those demos super easy. Here's a pic of Lu, Melissa, Me and Claire inside the Kaisercraft shed (thanks again for this one Claire)

I have also been busy preparing for the up coming Papercrafts convention looking forward to that should be fun

And ofcorse 'OUTBACK SCRAP' is coming up in August too, so I am getting classes ready for that.

I did manage to get back to my supplies long enough to do a few LO's beautiful bench has been calling, so I thought I would share a few of those

Now on a personal note, my elest son decided to give me an early mothers day pressie...NOT!!!
He had an early footy game on Saturday (he plays rugby league, by early I mean 8.30am. Not 15 mins into the game he for some reason thought it would be a good idea to stop the oppositions forearm with his FACE!!!!, he ended up putting his bottom teeth clean through his lip. He was tackling some guy one minute and the next there was so much blood I though someone must have ripped his nose off!!!. It was gushing out everywhere, so off to the hospital, and they transfered him up the the Mater childrens for plastic surgery to re-construct his bottom lip, which let me tell you looked alot like mince meat. I have to say though throughout it all he never cried, whined, or complained, he is only 13 and all the doctors and nurses were amazed as they said most grown men would have thrown up or passed out because of it all. The operating theaters were all booked up til 9.30pm that night so at about 2.30pm they came to us and asked him weather he would be willing to have a go at doing it under a local anathetic. Which believe it or not he did. I held his hand throughout, and it took over an hour and 30 stitches to put all the muscles back together and to recreat a bottom lip line. I will say though the doctors did an AMAZING job, although his lip is still very swollen it hardly lloks like the injury that indead it is, just looks like a bit of a split lip. So all in all he (and me) came through it all very weel, and he is still pretty to boot!!!
Now all you ladies out there with only daughters can breathe a small sigh of thanks!!

well thats it from me for now, hope everyone has had a great couple of weeks and I will really try to update a little more often


Cass xxxx