Friday, May 29, 2009

The Great Coat

This is my 14 year old son....whoooping great geek, in his most prized possession....I just LOVE him to bits right now!!!



For ages now he has been telling me that he wanted a trenchcoat, and while I was West End the other week I went into a Vintage clothes shop that I passed by, and here was this coat. I wasn't sure about it myself, I mean I thought it was a bit cool, but I am not a 14 year old, so I brought him back with me on the Saturday. And my poor boy fell in love...:). Now he has researched the damn thing and apparently it is actually called a 'great coat' and the army stopped issuing this particular type in the mid 70's, so this one is probably Vietnam war issue, although he wore it to scholl today for 'dress differntly' day and his english teacher thinks it might be WW2....who knows. All I know is my son has his own sense of style...and I like, I mean how GORGEOUS does he look!!!!?????

enough gushing...have a great weekend

Cass xxxx
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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I wish I had duck feet

I so hate the rain....and there is just so much of it right now. For some reason rainy days always put me in a crabby mood. I hate the 'wet feeling' of everything. I think I could happily live in a desert!!

Anyways...whinge over, how pretty is this!!!.............

All my life I have had a deep love of chanaliers, yet have never had one. Kelly painted Lily's room a couple of weeks ago and my parents bought her this, which my Daddy (an electrician) put up for her over her bed.
No wonder the girl BELIEVES she is a princess....and behaves accordingly....:)

Cass xxxx
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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hey Maxine!!!!......:)

You would be the ummmm....'winner' of my little RAK, so if you would like to e-mail me your addy, I can post that wee canvas off to you....:)

And as for me, well I have been a bit of a busy bee the last couple of days, so as ussal I thought I would share.......

It's been nice having a bit of mojo back, hope it decides to stick around....:)

Cass xxxx

Friday, May 15, 2009

Now if everyone can think back a bit...a fair bit actually...:) I did a dressing table set for Lily that got published in SM. It was in Basic Grey's 'blush' range (when it was brand new) and had a paper skirt and punched circles on it. It was pretty....WAS!!! it had a little accident, we will call him Ronin. he pulled off all the stuck on bits, tore the skirt and basically scribbled over the remaining skeleton. There were tears...floods of tears, and not just from Lily. Anyways taking the opportunity by the horns, and much to appease the frantic daughter I told her I would fix it up for her, make it a 'prettier' pink ...yadda yadda yadda.
So here is the 'recycled' dressing table set, and Miss Lily is pleased....Phew




It did occur to me though that some of my older OTP projects are a bit dated now, but I just don't have the heart to pull them all apart to re-do them....hmmmmmmmm, maybe if I just them the around at 3 year old height and see what happens, you never know my hand may be forced in to action again. Sort of like leaveng the keys in a car that you hate....worth contemplation me thinks...:)

have a great weekend all

Cass xxxx
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Saturday, May 9, 2009


Oh my does she look smug or what!!!!!
Well I suppose it only stands to reason really, with all the males in our house wrapped around her little finger. Oh miss Lily, it's hard to be humble isn't it....LOL

Just thought I'd share...:)

hugs and happy mothers day to all those out there!!!!
Cass xxxx
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Thursday, May 7, 2009

a wee RAK...and alot of fun!!!!

OK so I was down at Bunnings on the weekend (don't ya's just love hardware!!!...I'm serious), and they were selling out of some mosiac tiles. Now I have never ever mosaiced anything in my life, but I had a bit of an idea, so I thought I would give it a go, what was the worst that could happen??...I'd have wasted about $2 in tiles...worth the risk I thought.
Anyways I got my Daddy to cut a couple of peices of Ply wood to 13"X14" and drill 8 holes in the top of them both. And using my tiles...smashed to wee bits, and ALOT of black gesso, this is what I came up with...

You like???
I am going to use it as an album for arty an art journal I guess
Here's a few close ups

And as a bit of a RAK, I used up a few bits of the left over broken tiles and a few other bits and peices to create this little 5'x5' canvas. If any of you would like it, please leave me a comment and at the end of next week I will get one of the kidlets to draw a 'winner'...they love doing that...:)

Well I am babysitting my newphew today and I have SOOOOO much paper work to do, and offcouse start to get ready for the upcoming Brisbane papercrafts looking forward to that one!!!

Best be off WW3 is breaking out...gotta love 3 year olds....LOL

Big Hugs...and don't forget to leave me a comment...if you want that little thingy anyways....:)

Cass xxxx

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

OK, so you would think that after knowing myself for 34 years that I would have worked out by now that me, rushing, and electronic equipment don't, THANKS so much Lynn for letting me know about my posting error...all fixed now and the below LO's are now the right way sure if they look any better though...:)

Anyways, I have just gotten back from picking the kids up from school...don't ya's just love the school run, all the kids talking at the same time, getting louder and louder to be heard!!!...Lily always wins in our car, I think because she whines the most and the boys find it just as annoying as I do.

So all has been pretty good here in the Glass house.....pretty 2 new dunny's on the weekend, that's about as exciting as it has gotten though, mind you there is something nice about new toilets. All clean and un-used, right up until the boys have a fight about who is going to be the one to christen them. The worst part about that is that they are serious and the Daddy won....and was proud!!!....gotta love men.

Well best be off to make the dinner, Tuesday night is Hell night around here, Lily has Tap class, Scott has soccer training and Kelly plays cricket, takes a bit of organisation and preparation to get everyone where they need to be and fed....oh the joys

Anyways, catch ya's on the flip side

Cass xxxx

P.S.....can anyone tell me if there is ever a more miserable creature than a teenage boy with a cold!!!!!....and before any of you go saying that it can't be that bad, trust me , NO ONE has EVER had a cold as bad as Kris has, just ask
QUICK to get the kids from school...done a few LO's...thought I'd share....:)

Have a good one

Cass xxxx