Wednesday, October 31, 2007

EVERDAY GARBAGE challenge #4

Hey Guys, Everyday Garbage has challenge #4 the Garage/Hubby's stuff. Well you guys may or may not know, but my DH is a painter.. and in the words of that very catchy commercial...this is Handy!!! He has lots and lots of very handy crap, plastering tape, masking tape, washers, bits of wood and foam, plaster, and ofcourse paint. I used some of these on my LO, except the paint...thought that may be a bit too cheating, and I flogged a computer component of Lu. So sorry for the quality of my very dodge photography...the LO is pretty think and didn't scan well

While Lu and I were at the crfts show last week I bought this breif case thingy, and thought it would be a perfect thing to store my inks in...after I prettied it up a

We caught up with the fantastically talented Sandra Gerdes and Rachelle nice to met you ladies in the flesh!!!!

And cos stupid blogger hasn't let me upload images for a few days...don't ask me why?? I have a bit of LO flood to share

Thanks for having a lookie........ and have a great day

Cass xxxx

Thursday, October 25, 2007

A couple of other challenges

OK so I did do a couple of other LO's yesterday, But they needed a few stitches, and I love doing that sort of thing at night in front of the teely, after the kids have gone to bed. I find it really relaxing!!

This is my 'ONE LITTLE WORD' LO using the word 'believe', I think you can tell I struggled a bit with it...oh well, anyway it's nice to do a LO with all 4 kids, even if it is not the best pic, having them all in the one place for a period of time long enough to take ANY photo is a minor mircle in itself

And this is my 'HOW DARE YOU' Challenge LO, using fibre. Now I am not a huge fibre fan, I do use it occasionally, but I have used it in bulf like this, I am not sure weather it accutally 'Works' or not. Any thought an this would be GREATLY appresiated!!!!

Oh yeah and I used the words from a daggy Clif Richard song for the journaling, my mother will be pleased !!!LOL

Hey guys, anyone that reads this little old' Bloggie, really ought about giving the challenge blogs a go...MINE INCLUDED OFFCOURSE!!!!LOL (that 'Everyday Garbage' case you were They are really fun and toatlly get the Mojo and imagination going!!!

Well I'm off for a day of cleaning up...FUN FUN FUN....NOT!!!!!!!!

Take care, BIG hugs

Cass xxxx

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Happy Wednsday Everyone!!!!!!

Hello Hello Hello....Hope everyone is having a great week!!!!

I have been a busy little bee the last couple days...just like I like

This is my 'All About Eve' Lo for this challenge. I am supposed to tell a secret, and well to be totally honest I don't have too many of those...well nothing I would really like to share in a (might just scare the cottontails of some of But heres one thing that you might not know. I LOVE junk jewelry!!!!! most of what I own I only paid a couple of dollars for, plastic, cheap metal, leather LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!!!

I have also been meaning to do this canvas for a while. I so love this pic that I have wanted it on my bedroom wall for a looooong time. It is actually quite big, the pic is an 8x12. The colours match perfectly into my nearly completely white bedroom. To be honest I was pretty happy with the results

And offcourse I was in the shop today...all by myself :( Lu is still away working, so I did manage to get few LO's done

Well thats it. Lu and I are off to the craft show on Friday. Hopeflly we can catch up for coffee with the fabulose Sandra Gerdes!!!!! If you read this babe...look out cos it's a date!!!LOL

If you see Lu and I wandering around, as always, stop and say 'Hi'

Big hugs and kisses

Cass xxxx

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Oh where do I start??.......????...............

One by one this week my whole family, including myself, have dropped like flies with a terrible case of gastro. Vomit Vomit everywhere!!!! I think I have changed everyones bed linen at least 3 times and scrubbed all the bathrooms and floor 100's of times, I so HATE the smell of Vomit!!!! it seems to penetrate the walls.

But all are well now, thankfully.

Apart from the yucky stuff this week, it has been pretty uneventful here. Lu and I are trying to get the Christmas kits together at Cyberscraps, stay tuned for that, it should be pretty darn good. And the Retreat is coming up too, so we are getting classes togther for that one. Plus the wedding is less than 5 weeks aways, rush rush rush.......

Lily has her first Ballet concert this year and we picked up her very fisrt TuTu on friday at class. All the little ones are in different colours, but my little darling got PINK....YEAH!!!!! anyone that knows Lily well enough knows that any other colour just wouldn't be acceptable, and I think her Ballet teacher has a bit of a soft spot for her....if she only knew what a little terror she can be at home.

I did get a few LO's done on Friday too. The first one I am particulally fond of. Much Thanks to the lovely Jilly GG who showed me the 'Correct' setting on my camera. We have the MME 'Bohemia II' range in at Cyberscraps, and if you liked the first lot, you'll LOVE this!!!

Well guys thanks for dropping by into my little room in cyberspace, and thanks so much for the comments too....Cass Loves comments...hint hint nudge nudge wink wink

Hugs and Kisses

Cass xxxx

Friday, October 19, 2007

I HATE VOMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Everyday Garbage Challenge #3

I have been a V Bad Blogger, but in my defense I have been busy, and I have had 2 sick kids, and a sick Hubby...and thats completely dreadful!!!!!

Everyday Garbage has it's 3rd challenge up...'IN YOUR HANDBAG' Very cool, let me tell you. Bridget is our first guest Garbage happy to have her on board and the other girls have come up with some AMAZING stuff...go check it out!!!!!

These are what I have come up with

I used a reciept from the ever growing cost of groceries, a drinking straw (I have no idea how that got in there, but I do tend to find odd things in my handbag), a sheet of notepad paper, I covered some of the chipboard in lipstick, don't worry it's NOT the orange!!!LOL, and I even used the pen from my bag, as a scrapper it does happen to be a zig writer...but it did come from my bag.

I refrained from using the half a dozen or so spare brads, the packet of prima flowers and the few pieces of chipboard that seem to have taken up residence in my handbag also

I also have been in the processes of covering Noodle boxes for the last week...phew, they don't seem like alot of work, but believe me they have given me a few headaches. One of them in on Everyday garbage, for this challenge too, I used a broken necklace to cove the handle. My youngest son seems to enjoy nearly choking me by grabbing onto my beads and pulling as hard as he can...good thing I never spend alot on jewelery...I am a junk girl from way back

And just to catch up, these are some of the LO's I have done in the last week too

Well ladies that's it me thinks.

I have a busy few weeks ahead of me, with Lu and Doug getting married and all. Lu and I have started doing the invits today...god bless fancy pants stamps!!!

Take care, and keep smilin'

Cass xxxx

Monday, October 8, 2007

I shall Dup thee......Challenge Blog MONDAY!!!!

So I was a little busy I will start at the beginning

This is my 'All About Eve' LO. The challenge was 'music' and this is my take on it. Gotta Love Marah Johnson's 'Rock star' stuff!!!!

'One little Word' 's Challenge is incorparating the word 'Gone'. I did this Lo on my elest son Kris, a child that has always been 'on loan' so to speak. He's a dreamer and so darn driven I know that I won't have him for long, it's almost like he is tolerating childhood and adolecense until is 'real' life can start..makes me sad and proud all at the same

I also did 'Aussie Scrapjack''s my take on it

And here a couple I did just for fun!!!

Well I guess that's it. Lu is up to her...well, you know what's ATM trying to organise a wedding, the whole thing just blows me proud of her. Nothing like taking the plung and just doing it!!!!

Hope you all had a great weekend...and YEAH!!!! SCHOOLS BACK!!!!!!!!

Hugs and Kisses

Cass xxxx

Saturday, October 6, 2007

School Holidays are almost over!!!!

I love my kids, I love my kids, I love my kids....but I Hate one phrase 'I'm BORED'. I don't know what they expect me to to, fill in every simgle day with theme parks, movies theaters and what not??? Not this little duck I tell ya's. I would LOVE to have a whole 2 weeks of NOTHING....recon I'll have to wait until they all leave home now for

Anyways Lu and I had a bloomin' fantastic afternoon yesterday at Jilly's house. At the picnic in the park for Lusi on the weekend, Lu's son James, and Jilly's boys, Jonah and Levi, got on like a house on fire, so a play date was organised. Really I just sort of tagged I bought the princess with me, and she proceded to eat all Jilly's Laminton fingers , but recons she wants to go back...even if 'everyone is all boys' !!!

Here's a few LO's I did during the week

Oh Yeah, apparntly Issue 5 of SM is out this week I have update my Publications Blog. The Prima challenge I did is in this Issue, the LO is on the LOvely Lu, and it was one I was really happy with, so I can't wait to see it in print

Anyway Beautifuls I hope you all have a fabo weekend....and ROCK ON monday!!!!!!

Hugs and kisses
Cass xxxx

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Everyday Garbage Challenge #2

Well we are off to the Bathroom for Challenge #2 of EVERDAY GARBAGE come check it out. I actually did two LO's the first one uses some pretty obviosly 'bathroom' stuff, and on the second I pulled apart a couple of my daughters hair clips and a few of her butterfly hair cips that she never wors (her hair is so fine that they just slipped through)

Well, what do you recon' girls....come play with some garbage?????????????

Don't forget to check out last challenges winner, and the other contibuters entries too

Hugs and Kisses

Cass xxxx

Monday, October 1, 2007

Thankful for MONDAY

Now ordinarily I wouldn't be pleased that it's Monday, you know back to the daily grind and stuff. But today I am really thankful for it. We had a HUGE weekend. Kelly's brother arrived Friday night, and I had to go out so I wasn't home til late, and then stayed up later to clean up after 2 men and 7 grubby kids. Saturady we went to dreamworld....such a LOOOONGGGG day. The kids all had a great time, if not exhusting. And then on Sunday we had Kris's foot break up picnic in the park. Another fantastic day for the kids...and a big rush around for me. The football NRL grand final was on last night too, so yet another late night. Kelly's brother and his kids left at 5am this morning, so I had to see them off, but finally....oh finally, I went off to the shop today for alittle time for just me...PHEW was it a relife to be at work!!!!!!

here's some of the LO's I did

OK guys the second challenge for everyday Garbage starts this week so do stay tuned

and I hope everyone is enjoying there school holidays!!!!!

Hugs and Kisses

Cass xxxx