Wednesday, December 17, 2008


But so darn busy I feel a bit like a blur in my own life
I have been scrapping...unfortunatly not much that I can actually put up here...but I will be endevouring to do some stuff just for me now that all my chrissy shopping is done, and I am all caught up on the

So what I have I been up to??...hmmmmm, well apart from the ussal end of school events, kindy break-ups, christmas parties, ballet recitals...etc etc etc, I did go to the Heidi Swapp classes on the weekend, and then out to dinner with some FAB ladies on the Tarisota DT....laughed til my sides hurt...too much fun

Oh and now with much thanks to the amazing Jilly GG I just can't leave the mixed media stuff alone!!! I need something eles in my life calling to, but anyways, I know that it anit as good as the mistress of the srt herself, but I have been having heaps of fun, just playing with paint, ink and stuff....much stuff, getting my hands all nice and grubby. I never in a millon years thought that I would ever even atempt to draw or paint the face of anyone...not really ever been able to get any sort of realistic...even remotely realistic interpretation of something that could resemble a human being....but in a huge show of courage on my behalf I have given it a go...and I even have been brave enough to put them up here for anyone to see.....all I ask is be kind, I am kinda fragile....LOL

here's my girls..........

Also theFantastic ladies at Stamping and Scrapbook Madness have asked me to come back and teach again in the new here's the two classes I will be doing

Well I am not sure if anyone bothers to check on my little ol' blog anymore, but if by chance you have popped on in...THANKS so much.....and I hope you all have a beautiful peaceful Chrissy and the new Year brings all your dreams and hopes into view

Keep smilin'

Cass xxxx

Friday, November 14, 2008

Hello are we???

Now where do we start...hummmmm

how about
, Inspired by Alice in get?

This is my
, White , Lime and scallops....gotta love 3 year old boys huh....:)

And this is my ONE LITTLE WORD, This time it's the word 'LISTEN'

Now for CATAGORY STORIES, Inspired by your telephone, now I know this isn't a LO, but the beautiful Jilly has got me all hooked on mixed media stuff right now, so I did one of those....hope it counts.....:)

And talking of mixed media...I did this one just for fun....:)

As for me, I'm all good....I think....just flat out....but then again aren't we

have a great day

Cass xxxx

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

KAISER KASIER KASIER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok it may have seemed that I crawled into some sort of cyber hole, but in truth I have been a little busy and just haven't really been able to show you all what I have been up to....LOL

Anyways Kaiser have yet again done it YET, and released some truely yummy yum yum paper that I have had a ball playing with. The Pinky green one is called Waterberry (i did the 'scrap' cubes in that one and two LO's...loved, and the the greeny brown one actually has owl's on the other papers and is called 'what a hoot'....(the 'Grin' LO). But I think my absoulute FAV would have to be the red, white and black one called 'Sakura Park'....delious!!! (The 'my handsome boy' LO.

Oh and I also did this tissue box, in an older range....don't really know why, just felt like emmbellishing a tissue box...must have been a

Anyways thats it from me I guess. How is everyones Christmas plans going....and offcourse the shopping. I am totally up to my you know whats in it all at the moment....November has truely become hell month for many many places to be....TOO many things to do....oh well the joys of a family huh??


Cass xxxx

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Hi Hello Howdy....:)

How is everyone this fine Sunday

Anyways firstly A big shout out to our girl Lusi whom has just announced she is expecting her 4th wee little bubba!!!!......CONGRATS babe, so happy for you Brett and the rest of the Fam!!!

As for my weekend well, we have been a little on the busy side with kids and what not. Lu came over last night and we scrapped and laughed and generally had a good time throwing some product you

I did a couple of challenge blogs.
This first on is for Category Stories, and the inspiration was the word 'ick'.....enough

I also thought I would take a chhop at the 'Inspired by Amelie' site. Not too much to say really about this...other than I think you really shouldn't take yourself too seriously sometimes, and just let the laughter

And one just for fun. Kelly and I took the kids to Southbank a few weeks ago to cruise around the markets, and eat icecream by the water....beautiful!!!

Well I guesss that's it for me....hope all is well in your little universe

big hugs

Cass xxxx

Thursday, October 16, 2008


well big for me anyways..........

So a fair bit has been going on in my little world I guess, nothing huge, but I do seem to be hugely busy for one reason or another, and as a consequence I have been a very bad So this post is a bit of a catch up on what I have been up to

Well I have done a couple of challenge blogs.....

Here my ONE LITTLE WORD. You had to use the word 'keep', and this LO started out as a good idea...I think it kinda went pear shaped a little...but oh least Kelly likes it....:):):)

After winning last months challenge (woohoo for me...LOL) I felt all inspired to give this months WHITE WITH ONE challenge a go. This moth it is orange and white (offcouse) and incorparating stamping as well....I kinda like the results of this one....even if Kris looks like he has a BIG nose...LOL

Quite excitingly for me I have been asked to be a guest teacher here in Brissy for STAMPING AND SCRAPBOOKING MADNESS at Coorparoo, so here's the class that I will be teaching.....class times and details soon!!!

And here's a few 'Christmas' LO's I have done for Scrapware

Now as for the family....all is well. We are currently getting ready for the end of year dance perfomance with Lily, and you can only imagine how exciting that is with all the costumes and sequiens. Kristofer had his footy trophy day last weekend and actually walked away with one for most proud. Scotto is plotting along as ussal, looking forward to the end of year too and his band perfomances...who would have thought he could actually play that damnable, he is getting over a very bad case of midgie bites from the recent camping trip too. Anyone with red hair will understand how much flying, biting things love the fair skin tones. And my poor little Ronin has a bit of the flu, nothing dramatic, but he aint feeling the best...and now mummy is pretty tired too...gotta love broken sleep. Kelly has been a busy boy, off to the soccer last night, I am pretty sure he had a ball, and he's working lots of long hours too....I tend to be doing the 'single parent thing' a fair bit lately...hate that, I miss him. My sisters and I have started a mixed Netball team for Sunday afternoons...and my beautiful Lu is playing with fun, but sore muscles....:)

Hope all is well on your little end of the universe


Cass xxxx

Friday, October 10, 2008

Aussie Scrap Jack

Well, I have been on the challendge blogs

this is my version of Kathie Link's LO for Aussie Scrapjack

I don't think I have done a MASSIVE title in soo long...but I knda liked it....:):):)

have a great day

Cass xxxx

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Scrap Mojo Challenge

Back on the challenge blog wagon...:)

I did this LO for Scrap Mojo the challenge this time was a 'Cirque du Soleil' inspired page, that included sequiens...lots of that stuff

have a great day ya'll....:)

Cass xxxx

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hi, Hello, Howdy!!!

Well how is everyones school Holidays going?, mine have been pretty good, pretty quite actually which is nice. The big boys in my household are going camping for a few days next week, so it will just be me and my 2 little ones....fantastic!! scrambled eggs for

Anyways, check out the photo that the worlds happiest boy or what!!!!!!
My fabulous buddy Jilly no longer had a need for this absolutley Perfect spiderman doona cover, and her generous soul offered it to Ronin. Well no sooner did we get it home and out of the bag then it HAD to go on the bed.....RIGHT NOW!!!! in fact. 'Im a big boy now' he proudlt announced and just about crash tackled Daddy when he came home to show proud. I guess I didn't realise how much a wiggles doona meant that you were still a

Jilly also passed on these absolutley scrummy pink fluffy pillows, quickly snapped up and fully owned by miss fluffy princess I swear the girl could NEVER get enough pink in her life. They are sitting very prettily on her bed now....after much fluffing and cuddling to get them just right......:), (and yeah the background is the colour of her wall, it aint just pink it's PPPIIIINNNNKKKK!!!!!!

Talking of pink, a little while back I was somewhat accused of not doing 'pretty' LO's real well. I guess in a way I had to here's the 'Pretty' LO I challenged myself to enough????....LOL

Anyways I guess I best go off and clean up the dinner mess, from the dinner I didn't get to eat....stupid diet. I swear is there is one thing worse than cooking a meal you can't eat, it's cleaning up the mealyou didn't

have a good one


Cass xxxx

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Design X

For this weeks DESIGN X challenge you had to randomly open up the dictionary and find a word, then incorparte it into your LO. Well I must say I did try and choose something at the back of the book...S's and T's have better words in my Anyways I ended up with the word Seize...yucky huh???..all I could think of was the movie Good Will Hunting, so I went with that...:):):)

Thanks for all the great comments this week....and YES I am aware of the spelling mistake, and I wish I could say that it was creative licence, but alas I am just terribly I ussally check ALL my spelling by running it by my human spell checker , the fabulously smart Lu. But on the day I did the LO I think I had already rung her about 6 times for other meanless crap, and didn't want to bother her again.
Hey does anyone eles have a bestie that you ring for no reason many times a day??? Lu and I ring each other alot...often many times a day for nothing really, we just chat while she types and I tidy up or company I guess.

Anyways have a great day all...:):):)


Cass xxxx

Monday, September 15, 2008

Scrap Mojo and Design X

OK so I have doing a few more challenges...:):):)

this first one is for SCRAP MOJO...You have to use a bumper sticker saying on your LO...SO MUCH FUN!!!!!.

and I Luuuurrrrvvvve bubble wrap!!!!

and this one is for DESIGN X
and for this one you have to scrap your fears....I think it speaks for itself...:):):)

well guys thats what I have been up to today...what did you do??? huh???

have a great day...:):):)

Cass xxxx

Sunday, September 14, 2008

One little word

Firstly, I would like to everyone one of you that left me a comment last week. I meant alot to me, really truely THANK-YOU from the bottom of my heart. I really have always believed that most scrappers are honestly some of the most thoughtful, beautiful people I have ever had the blessing to come into contact with!!...(((((HUGS)))))

ONE LITTLE WORD, 'S Challenge this week is
the word 'Love' kinda appropriate really for me after last week. So with my beautiful Daughters in mind I did this LO. After losing Mikayla I had to let alot of things go...funny silly things, like the thought that I would never be the mother of the bride or even that I would never have to buy a little girls schools uniform. I found out early on in my pregnancy that Lily was a girl, I felt that I needed to be prepared...for whatever it would be. And really I couldn't decide weather she being a girl was a good thing or a bad thing, and in the end it didn't really matter, because holding her and having her hold me back was enough to put so of the pieces of my heart back together. I truely believe that broken hearts never heal completely, that peices will always be missing, but sometimes enough of the bits can grow and mend just enough that there becomes a space where love and hope can continue to grow.'s my LO

I have also done a couple of projects for Scrapware this week that I thought I would share

Thanks so much again...and have a great week...:):):)


Cass xxxx

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Some people are worth more than diamonds or gold. And sometimes you are lucky enough to call one of these people your best friend....Love ya Babe!!!!!

Cass xxxx I pretty sure all of you can read that today is the the 10th of September. It's a beautiful day today in Brisbane, the sun is shining, it's warm, without being hot, and the air smells fresh and clean. I am a very smell sensitive person, and I can smell september like nothing eles, and it should be lovely. It has been a beauitful day in brisbane on the 10th of sept every year for the last 8 years. I know this because the 10th of september 2000 was the day my house burnt down and my beautiful baby girl Mikayla was lost to me. I always think it should rain, that the sky should be dark and the whole world should feel as revolting as I do....but it never ever does. Maybe it's God's way of telling me that the world is beautiful, or maybe that is his way of trying to cheer me up a little....but I really do wish it would rain.
I never do anything special on this day, it's not a day to celebrate. We have cake for her birthday, and celebrate her life then...but not today. Today I just want the sun to set...and exhale, because I know tommorrow I will feel better. For some reason today has hit me pretty hard this year. For those of you who have lost a child you will understand. I feel ripped off, and angry. It's just not fair. I don't want to visit a peice of stone on the grass....I want to buy a 10 year old girl some new clothes....or even fight with her over her hair. I want to hear her voice...not desparatley try to remember a little girls baby babble as she said 'I wuv oo ummmy', but to talk to her and ask her about her day. Today I miss her...just like every day....but a little bit more.
I don't want to bum any one out, but I figure this is my blog, and I need a little vent.
Read this, hug you kids, and look at the bright beautiful day, because it is beautiful, and smile. I know I will, and I will try my very utmost to remeber how lucky I am that I got to hold my little girl, how lucky I am to have those memories, and how absolutley blessed I am to be able to call her daughter.

thanks for reading

Cass xxxx

White with 1 AGAIN...and Aussie Scrapjack...AGAIN!!!!!!

Well I have had a bit of luck getting a few LO's picked up for possible publication of late....but I have really REALLY enjoyed doing the I have done them again, and this time I am not submitting them...LOL

so here's my White with 1 challenge

And here's my thrid chop at the Aussie Scrapjack

thanks for looking...have a great day..>:):):)


Cass xxxx

Monday, September 8, 2008

White with one Challenge

Hey there...I did another challenge. This time it is
White with 1
. You have to use white as the prodominate colour and brown with it, and the theme is Dads.

My two older boys are from my first marriage, so these are the sons Kelly choose, after all I always said I was a package deal. It been tough sometimes, but they truely do all love each other, and Kel had been a great Dad to this young men....and offcourse they are pretty good boys too...most of the I honestly think they all got a good

Anyways...have a great day

Cass xxxx

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Another, and Art is found

Well after scrapping yesterday....and LOVING it, I thought I would do a bit more today. The lovey Lu put me on to this challenge blog ART IS FOUND and thier challenge this month is to use music paper. One of the Lovely ladies that used to come into the shop gave me this really old sheet music a long while ago and I haven't used it in was so much fun to break it out again!!!

And as you can probably see from my previous post I did do the Aussie Scrap jack challenge, and lucky for me it was accepted for publication, but I had so much fun doing it, I thought why not do it again....LOL

Well thanks for having a back soon...:):):)


Cass xxxx

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

One little word, Aussie Scrapjack....and a bit of fun

Well seeing as I am currently hunting for my hidden Mojo I thought some of the challenge blogs might I did a couple...

Aussie ScrapJack have Nicola O'brien as the target this here's my entry

ONE LITTLE WORD have the word 'choose' this's my effort
One Little Word

and one just for fun...:):):)


Cass xxxx

Goodbyes....and new Beginnings

Well as some of you may already know. I will no longer be working at CyberScraps. Not in the shop itself nor in the DT capacity. It has been a VERY hard decision for me, but in the end one I felt I had to make. I have truely enjoyed my time at CyberScraps and meeting all the FANTASTIC people that I had the opportunity to come across while there. Recent heath issues have been a big contributing factor, but also emotionally I was finding that my heart was no longer in it as much as it should have been, so the time had come for a change. Kelly is working for himself too, so my home work load had increased dramatically, and as may of you working mums will know all too well, there is only so much of me to go

What I really hoping too is that my poor beaten to a pulp Mojo will return too. It is certainly not that I have lost any love for scrapping, just that I feel I really do need to get back to the roots of it all and scrap more for me...and just me. To throw paper and product around willy nilly, to expore and create and have FUN with it more.

And thats about it...pretty simple really, no major dramas, no real issues, no disputes or disagreements....just Cass simplifing her life a huh?

Anyways on a bit of a real personal note. Last Friday Kristofer, my 14 year old had a day off school because of the Gold Coast show holiday. Just in case you don't know, my Kris is attending the Queensland acadamies for Health Sciences throught Griffith Uni down the Gold Coast. 1.5 hours and 2 trains and a bus every morning and the same to get home everyday. He really is an amazingly dedicated young man, and I can't even begin to tell you how proud I am.
Well seeing as he had the day off and the little ones were at Kindy and Scott still at school, I took this rare opportunity to spend some time with my first born and we went to the Piacasso collection exhibit in at ate art gallery. Now I do understand that most 14 year old boys would probably rather have thier teeth pulled than go to an Art exhibit....but I did tell you my boy is a little different didn't I??....LOL Lu and I often joke that when he grows up, and becomes that doctor, we will visit his house and won't be able to sit on the furniture...cos it won't be for sitting...IYKWIM.....LOL
We had a GREAT time, we spent a few hours looking at the masterpeices and such, and as it turns out Kris has a liking for Renior...nice thing to discover, and then we had a lovely lunch at the state libarary cafe, before I spent a little while following Kris around the Library as he drooled over the thousands of books. The best part though, as we were leaving the Libaray to come home, my boy (who stands 6 foot 1) put his arm around my shoulders and said 'Thanks Mum, I'll remember this day always'. It was all I do not to burst in to a blubbering mess right there. To know my Kris is to know that the world is far to big for him to stay here in little old Brisbane. I think I have always known one day he will be gone, very far from me. I must remember to do these sorts of things with him...and all my kids a bit more often, simply because I think I have finally come to realise that one day all too soon they will fly away and I want these memeorys too...selfish mummy.

Anyways here's a LO I did of my Kristofer. I took this photo on friday morning just before we left for the Art gallery

Well that was a bit of big post for me wasn't

Hey if anyone has any suggestions for challenge blogs, or sites I would really love to know too....didn't I say, more time to play...:):):)

thanks for having a lookie and read, if you got this far


Cass xxxx