Thursday, May 31, 2007

Extra Scrapping expence...bummer!!!

Ok on Tuesday Lu came over and we were going to get some scrapping done. Not long after she got here I realised I was in desparate need of a few sheets of black carstock (how unlike me not to have a stash, but I was out. So we bunddled all 3 of the little kids into the back of my enormase 4wd and off we went to the LSS (I only needed the cardstock, so I didn't bother going into Cyberscraps...bad me. Anyway as we were pulling into the car park of said LSS there was some issue involving shoes in the back seat. Lily was going nuts over something, screaming and yelling as only a 3yld princess can do. Well I was distracted, and I underestemated the parking distance I had, and natually I hit a parked car!!!!!
The lady was really good about it, accidents happen (DH isn't so understanding), and LU offcourse was very supportive (where would I be without you babe??). But when all is said and done $3 worth of cardstock has now cost me $450 in excess.... SUCKS!!!!!
Scrapping suppys have never cost me that much before. The car is not very damaged at all, totally drivable, but still has to be fixed, and everyone is OK...even though Lily was still complaining about something to do with the shoes while we exchanged details.
These things happen I guess.. (maybe DH will now have a proper think about getting me a smaller car!!!!)

Well, I have been working on several different projects lately, But me being me, I have also done a few pages...just for the hell of it. I find that if I don't let the mojo go, it has a revolt on me, and at this particular moment in time I can't risk it going anywhere IYKWIM. So heres a few LO's I have done over the last week

Hope all is well on your side of the fence, and thanks for having a read

Hugs and kisses

Cass xxxx

Monday, May 28, 2007

A thing you SHOULDN'T do....

(This will be quick...cos I am on my way to work)

I learnt a bit of a lesson yesterday. My DH, Kelly, and I were having a bit of an argument....the details aren't that important, just one of those rows about money and time and stuff. Anyway unpon concludsion, we decided that we are both a bit stressed out, and he told me to go in to my scrap room and scrap for a while, cos that makes me feel better....GOOD BOY!!!! (He's learning)
Now this is where my lesson comes in
I told him he should find an activity that de-stresses him too. 'Maybe I could do a page or two then' he said
OK I didn't actually think that he was I stood there and looked at him. 'Well you have plenty of crap in there, after the kids go to bed I am sure I can come up with something'
I honestly still didn't believe him, and I thought he was being I Laughed.......big mistake!!!!!!
It turns out that he was dead serious and I had just insulted his abilities and offend him no end!!!! I told him I thought he was kidding, and this didn't wash well either
Well after we both composed ourselves (me from laughing again and him from being offended). I told him I would show him the how to apply a photo tab, and how to use the cutter, and he could have a go.
Now he is talking about what photo he wants to use.....ARGHHHHH I am not so keen about all this, after all he may discover the costs of things (A highly guarded secret womens business) and besides, does anyone REALLY want thier husband digging around in thier stash....

I will share whatever he comes up with though...he actually is quite arty and who knows, he might be alright at it...we'll see

In the mean time, heres a LO I did yesterday. The new Marah Johnson papers and stuff have a breast cancer theme, so it seemd aproprieate to use my Grandma for it

Keep smiling

Cass xxxx

Friday, May 25, 2007

Okey Dokey

Well to be honest with you I have had one bugger of a day....and it hasn't stoped yet!!!!!!!
lets start at the beginning, cos thats a very good place to start

I got up this morning and DH had a go at me over some meaningless tend to go on with alot of that in my obsevations. There was very little milk only 2 cups of coffee before work (I am ussally a 4 or 5 kinda girl, simply cos I am up at 5, and don't leave for work til 9...oh and I NEED the caffine)
All four children decided to be difficult. Someone couldn't find thier bag, andother thier lunchbox, someone pinched someone eles, who in turn thumped everyone...I sort of tuned out somewhere along the line and focused on getting them out the door.
So after kindy and school drop off, I came home organised my stuff and Lu and I went off to work...blessed haven of sanity
Sanity disturbed at about 11 when the kindy rang to say Ronin, my nearly 2yld was running a high temp. so back in the car and go and get him. Ofcourse a dose of panadol and a packet of chippies soon made him feel on top of the world and he was back to his distructive self.
Lu and I go go to work together on a friday and she leaves her car at my place, so I had abandon her at work, so I had to go pick her up at 2pm, drop her at my place so she can then go get her kids. Then back up to the kindy for me, to pick up Lily. DH informs me that he will be late this afternoon because traffic is horrendious and he needs to go to the bank. Not ussally a problem, but Lily has Ballet at 4pm, and I'll be damned if I was going to take all of them, so I organise my Mum to look after them. I come home from kindy, and quickly dress her, and pick up the two older boys off the street on my way to mums (they ussally walk home)
Drop all three boys off at my mothers, go to ballet, and when it's finished I pick them up again and go home

Which brings us to right NOW!!!!!!

I have a small window of time here, where I felt like doing blogging seemed like as good an idea as any

I now have to take Scott to karate at 5.45pm and then Kris to footy (they have a friday night game) by 6.15pm

I wont get home till about 9pm, so I think I will be picking up some macca's and a bottle of red (maybe a flaggon) on my way home

PHEW!!!!!! the joys of motherhood

anyway here a LO I did of Lu's daughter Caeligh this morning at work

Hope you all have a great weekend

Hugs and kisses

Cass xxxx

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Workin' thru da list......

Ok in my surpreme efforts to work my way through my list, I can sucessfully knock one thing off.
I did the colour combo comp thingy LO for Scrapbook Creations yesterday, and although I can't post the whole LO, I figued this little bit wouldn't

(I guess you can tell which colour combo I wnet

I got 90% of my mini album finished has taken so many hours and days.....WEEKS I hazzard to think in all honesty, but I can now see the light at the end of that particular tunnel.

Back to the shop tommorrow, so hopefully a few more ticks...maybe


Cass xxxx

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My Links List

Gosh I have been a slack Blogger.....

I have been using other peoples blogs to surf around for months now, I have been too darn Lazy to update my links list.

So today I did it (see right hand side bar). These are lthe Blogs and sites that I regularlly visit...most of the time I am really bad and don't leave comments, something that I am going to make a real effort to do more, because I love getting them myself so much.

To all the ladies listed here, I so hope you don't mind that I have linked you all,they are FANTASTIC blogs!!!!! and If I haven't listed you I swear it was probably an oversight because I am all a bit rushed of late.

I urge you all to check a few out...there is some absolutley amazing work out there and some really fantatsic people. One of the things I really do love about this art is that the community surrounding it is, by enlarge, a supportive and encouraging one.

Well girls I am off to work now...down to the scrapping shop...hopefully I might get a LO or tow done...and met some more great people

Have a good day, what ever it is you are up to

Hugs and kisses

Cass xxxx

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Talk about BUSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As all you mums of multiple children know, life is never boring, and ALWAYS have something to do.
Chuck in a part time job, and more scrapping than I know what do with and you get on stressed out, one frustrated, one frazzled mummy...(that would be me!!!!)
I have had one of those weeks let me tell you. My house is a mess, there is washing...clean mind you...but piling up everywhere, I really need to do a decent grocery shop, instead of picking up a few nesscities everyday, and if I ever find the bottom of my scrap room I'll be happy!!!
Oh well, thats life isn't it? and to be honest I think i function pretty well under pressure. I like deadlines, I like it when things just HAVE to be done. What i don't like it when I plan to do some of these things, other things requiring immediate attention seem to surface, hence the deadlines keep creeping up on me.
I have to laugh though, cos I really do enjoy always having something to do, makes me feel purposful, useful even.
I have decided to make a little list for myself, and seeing as I check in on my blog everyday...(sometimes I may be too busy to post...but I do check) I thought here would be as good a place to write it all down as any


1-Masters stuff
1- finish Hazel
2- finish that damn mini album
3- start and finish the single LO
4- take the photos and start and finish the double LO (I have an idea, but i really need THAT photo)
5- do all the paperwok stuff, including the 200 words (that shouldn't be too hard)

2- Colour combo LO for Scrapbooking Creations

3- post the product challenge to SM

4- Do atleast 5 LO's for the design team stuff for Marah Johnson and creative imagination stuff has just come in...really yummy

5- Ngaires challenge...I really really want to do this challenge

6- 6 commisioning LO's for the fete

When I write it all down it actually dosen't seem that much in the end. I have already done my Dares LO for this week and a lady came into the shop last friday and had a part finished wedding album she commissioned me to complete for her...and I have done that already too...15 LO's!!!!!!!! (simple ones though...hope she likes it, because it is soooooooo not my style, but I had to follow the theme that had already been started, so my hands were a bit tied..."Lu, STOP laughing!!!!!, cos I can hear you!!!!!"

well I have typed a fair bit now so I will share a couple of LO's
Theres one of my Daughter Mikayla that I did in the shop the other day, I printed out a Black and white photo and used water colours to colour in the flowers in her hair.
The other is my Dares, using beads is the theme for this fortnight, not a tough call for me...and dosen't my Lu look beautiful!!!!!!

Hugs and Kisses

Cass xxxx

Ps...thatnks to all you wonderful ladies that have commented this ya's MUWAHHHHH

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A quick LO share

Ok Ok OK I know I SHOULD Be working on my masters stuff...but I thought i might give it a break for a while...everything is starting to look so BLAHHHHHHHH

So here is my efforts over the last couple of days

Thanks for having a lookie

Hugs and kisses

Cass xxxx

Friday, May 11, 2007

And we're the races that

With great thanks to triple M Brisbane. Kelly, Lu doug, and myself are off to the Doomben races tommorrow.....YEAH and we will even get to meet the band's a bit cool. Believe it or not I have a completely co-ordinated outfit in pink and orange, complete with feathered road kill (facinater) and all for the rock bottom price of $37.50 ..yes thats right $37.50
Lu and I went off to the DFO yesterday near the airport, and I got a dress from a $10 rack, a pair of shoes in screaming hot pink for 15, and the facinator was $12.50. I am borrowing some jewwlry off Lu and a pink handbag, so I'm all set.
Offcourse the facinator was a bit boring, so I have embellished it with a few Prima flowers and a bit of bling (couldn't help myself)....oh I do hope no scrapbookers recognise them, but oh well, we work with what we got!!!!!

Oh and also very exciting, SM have asked me to do another product challenge....and would you believe it's for Prima....I could have laughed myself silly.

So now not only do I have DT stuff, and Masters and submissions, but a product challenge too......phew I guess I am going to be busy...really I wouldn't have it any other way!!!!!!!!

Catch ya later Bill and Ted (for those of us old enough to remember that movie)

Hugs and kisses

Cass xxxx

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

OK....I am still alive....LOL

I have just been really really REALLY busy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(please excuse my ummm french) but I have been up to my nuts in masters stuff. The whole storage soultion thing is doing my head in!!!!! needless to say I now feel as though I have bitten off far more than I can chew....good thing I have a big gob.
anyhoo......the beautiful and fabo Ali Stafford come into the shop. She had a great class with a couple of ladies and we had a great chat....can't wait for that crop babe....I bring the

A terrible sad event occured today also. The family dog 'Stone' passed away. He was a beautiful golden lab, about 11 years old, so he had a good innings, but it is still very sad. He was bought for my eldest son for his 2nd birthday, and had become so much a part of the whole family's lives. He was living with my parents for the last few years, but we saw alot of him. Miss you Stoney you always xxxx

I did do a LO today though..... cool new MME stuff

Thanks for having a lookie

Hugs and kisses

Cass xxxx

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Pig Tag No 7

OK Guys, I know I should have done this yesterday...but I was at the shop all day, and then had footy training...blah blah blah....

Anyhooo, this is my Best friend, my partner in crime, she who is to blame for my scrapping addiction, my constant sourse of inspiration, my personal human spell check, my motivator, my sounding board, my therapist, she whom on I can always depend, my strength when I have none, my reality checker, she who can make me laugh and lets me cry.....Lu
I have known this woman since I was 17, ups and down, highs and lows, good times and bad. She knows all there is to know about me, and was standing next to me at some of the hardest and some of the most fun times of my life.
I love her sooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (even if she is sticking her tounge out)

well that's it, I'm done with my pic tag. I have to nonimnate 3 people to do the same, but I am off to start dinner now, so hopefully I'll be back to do that later......maybe tommorrow the way I going....LOL

Hugs and Kisses

Cass xxxx

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

My little sister is getting MARRIED!!!!!!!!

I did this LO in a sort of celebaration to my sister Rebekah's upcoming engagement. I say upcoming, cos Matt (the fella) has only just ask Dad if he can have permission....he is just TOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Sweet for words.I LOVE Matthew and I know he will treat my baby sister well. It's a bit tough on me though, afterall she is my youngest sister....makes me feel so old!!!!!!!!!!!!!

keep smiling

Cass xxxx

Pic Tag No 6

One person several ways...hmmmmmm, this is my youngest Ronin the barbarian. I lay down on the floor and tried to see if that would help getting an interesting shot...nuh!!!! didn't work. So I tried taking one from above him...that didn't work either. Mind you the little feela didn't want to play the game either, but on well here he is in all his natural yobbo-ness. Ronin, to me, is a perfect example of how we can not fight genetics. He has his fathers personality down to the ground. Do get me wrong, I adore my little yob, but he is such a bloke it almost frightens me. Oh well, his father married me, so he did all right, so theres hope for my little

Hugs and kisses

Cass xxxx