Wednesday, March 26, 2008

How was your Easter????

Did the Easter bunny come to you??? our easter bunny brought chocolate for everyone lese ...but mummy!!, never fear I am a great scavanger and there is plenty of it here to go round.

We spent most of our Easter break over at my mum and dad's. They have just put up a carport and Kelly went over to paint the underside of it. That in itself probably should have taken a day, but I got him to paint some outdoor furniture I have been eyeing off at mums while he had his spray gun out. Turned out to be alot more work that I first thought, but at least he got something done huh???LOL

I had every intention of getting some scrapping done over the break I imagined 4 days of relaxing paper bliss...not so, I did get one page done in bettween chasing the 2 year old around my mothers beautiful house, so I thought I would share

Ok so it's not the best work I have ever done, but it's...well...OK

Lu and I had a lovely 'Ladies' day yesterday, driving about a little in my Mummy's new car. A beautiful BRIGHT red Viva...LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT

Not sure what I am going to do scrap or to clean? that is the question...hmmmm tough choice huh?

BIG HUGS to you and yours

Cass xxxx

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Finally something to share

I know I know...slack bad blogger. I will say That I have been busy most I recon.

I have been doing lots and lots of stuff that I actually can't share so I have sort of been waiting until I did have something IYKWIM

Firstly...and very excitingly (is that a word??) I can tell you all that I will be teaching at this years OUTBACK SCRAP 2008

With the fabulosly talented Alana Steadman, Rachelle Minette, Sandra Gerdes and my one and only Lu Benson...Wooo Hooo so darn excited can't wait!!!!!

Now here are few little things I can share.

This is a LO I did ...just for fun...I am not a gold person at all, given a choice I will always go for silver, but I was kinda happy with these results

This is the next Everyday Garbage here's a heads up for all those curious minds...see if you can guess what it will be????

I have been doing a fair be of DT work for's a little sneaky peek

and a Scrapware LO...let me tell you the products that have I been working with lately are just too cool for words...feel very lucky I do

Well that about it for now. I hope each and everyone of you have a safe and Fansatic Easter, personally I am really looking forward to a bit of a break from routine. getting up at 5 am every morning to get Kris to the train station has been tough...on him and ME!!!


Cass xxxx

Monday, March 10, 2008

Quite a productive day really

Happy Monday everyone...big shout out to my Girl Lu who has been frantically busy cleaning up he bedroom and ALL her scrap go girl!!!!LOL

Well I was in the shop all on my own today, quite lonely without my partner in crime, but I manged to get a few LO's done!!!!

For those of you thatare interected I have updated my Pub's blog with the Latest SM LO's. One of my fav's is in this months called 'Beautiful, but dangerous'. it's of my girl Lily and Lu's DD Caeligh, they just look so darn feirce in the pic...look out boys these girls will kill

It has turned out that we have Monday night off this year, no footy training , no soccer training, no nuffin...great!!!!!

well I am off to cook tea for the starving hoards...have a good one


Cass xxxx

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Just Quickly......

I actually started this LO on Thursday and then decided to stictch all those circles on it....time consuming, then this morning it called to me to finish it, so being a good little scrapper I obeyed my
Anyways I thought I would quickly share it before I head off to Kris's first footy game of the season

Have a great Sunday


Cass xxxx

Thursday, March 6, 2008


I swear mother nature is out to get me!!!

let me start by saying I have never been mean or miss treated an anamil EVER...(except for perhaps getting up my cat for dropping field mice at my back door...I have a terrible fear of rodents)

I will start at the beginning.

Lu came over today for a bit of RS (recreational Scrapping) and about 11.30 we were into in it in my scrap room. The kids were playing quite happily and had just gone outside. Caeligh (lu's DD) had popped up at my scraproom window and I was leaning over my desk and chatting to her, Lu was sitting next to me. Next thing you know I feel something sharp (anf flappy) in the back of me head!!!! of course I screamed and dropped to the ground to the sound of Lu yelling 'Bird Bird' and we both ran outside. My Brother in law happens to be down on holiday so I yelled at him that there was a bird in the house as Lu and I exited the back (open ) door. 'What Bird???' Trevor asked. And would you believe we couldn't find it anywhere, and at this stage I hadn't even seen the damnedable thing as I had my eyes closed as soon as it attacked.
After a few minutes a VERY large magpie was spotted on top of my kitchen cupboards...see pic below. Now let me just say the thing wouldn't leave it flapped around and flew about for ages

Insult number 2.............

Now not only was I attaced by a Magpie IN MY OWN HOME!!!! the thing then processed to go back into my scrapping room and crap on my completed LO...ARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHH right in the photo. Here's a lesson for you all, bird poop is acidic and eats into photos. The LO is the green one below titled 'Refuge' and the 'r' an pearls were added later to cover the bird poop mark.

Adventually offcourse Trevor managed to get the thing out of my house, but really I would love to know what on earth I could possibly have done to upset mother nature...THAT MUCH that a bird flys into my house attacks me and then poops on my LO...really!!!!!!

Thanks for looking and reading....if anyone eles has any Bird related insidents I would LOVE to know

Big hugs

Cass xxxx

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

And now for some OTP sharies

Well I just thought seeing as I have done these things I might as well share them too

This first one is a Kasier Craft Timber canvas, basically a peice of MDF with a hole for hanging cut out of the back...but VERY nice to use and Very nice to cover in paper. The bling word is also from Kasier and at CyberScraps we have the whole range of them in pink and clear...totally gorgeous!!!!

This is a Scrapware tage album I have done. I used some monster playing cards to cover it and some really cool tape for the edges (thanks to the fab Lu for the 'vorrowing of

And this is a decorative bucket that I made up for a friend of DH's baby. My little sister Trisha actually gave me the bucket for my birthday with a beautiful plant in it, and I had the flowers lying around for ages. The wings are Grungeboard and this stuff totally comes into it's own when you have to bend it around love love

well me thinks that's it for now...busyy little blogger I have been in the last couple of days huh??

take care

Cass xxxx

My Very First Scrapware LO's

Well, not exactly, I recon I have been using a hell of a lot of scrapware since Lu and I discovered them back at the papercrafts festival in Sydney last year. Back then I never would have thought I would have been part of thier DT....but here I am and here are my first DT assigniments

Thanks for having a lookie

Have a great day :):):)

Cass xxxx

Monday, March 3, 2008

Happy Monday

Hello Hello Hello

How is everyone???

I had a bit of fun in the shop today so I thought I would share....

This first one went all a big 'Bollywood' on me, can't exactly say how, but I sort of dig it

Now I know it is possibly a bit mean, but truely I don't understand why oh why my number 2 son has decided to play the Baritone. Let me tell you this monstrostity of an instrument sounds exactly like farting noises ...EVEN when it's played correctly!!! Nothing quite like 5pm in the afternoon when I am rushing around trying to get dinner ready and what not to the not so sothing sounds of Advance Australia Fair through a fart machine!!!!!....well that's my whinge and I am doen with it. I will say though part of me is just a little bit proud of the fact they he has choosen this thing, and is sticking with it...under what can only be decribed as intense scrutiny.

when thanks for having a lookie and a read, and I should be back tommorrow with my first Scrapware DT creations, I am having SOOOOOO much fun with this stuff!!!


Cass xxxx

Sunday, March 2, 2008

a little bit of this...a little bit of that.....

Firstly, check out my new fantasic header...much love and thanks to the amazing Sandra Gerdes...feeling very special I am

And here's a couple of LO's that I did in the last week

There's cricket on the telly ATM...Yucky poo. Does anyone eles have a cricket obessed DH??? I think he would have Matthew Haydens children if he let him....just kidding

anyways best do all the good wifey things, you know, wash the floors and get clothes washed and ready for the week...double yucky poo!!!!

hope everyone eles has had a great


Cass xxxx