Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Littlest man is 3!!!!!

Well my baby boy turned 3 on Sunday....so hard for mummy to believe. He is absolutely my last and therefore going to be my baby forever, but I do know he is not a baby anymore...far more a little boy. The little bugger was spoilt rotten, plenty of cars, trucks, and his current obsession, helicopters. Grandma got him a new night light and some cool clothes too....so the little guy did very well.

Of course he had to help me actually make the cake too....in my best Bridget Jones....Disaster

It is funny though I was only thinking the other day. Ronin still climbs in our bed in the wee small hours of the morning, snuggles right in and goes to back to sleep, right in between mummy and daddy. By the time all my others were 3 I certainly would have put my foot down on this way before now. All of the others would have been put straight back into their bed....I guess that's the advantage of being the baby.....mummy is alot more willing to hang on to those little things for just a bit longer.....lol
Happy Birthday to my surprise baby, the little guy I never expected to have, the one that just showed up.....that I couldn't imagine life without!!!!

Big Hugs
Cass xxxx

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Scrapbook Convention

OK so I know it's been a while, a very very looooonnnnngggg while, but I have had a few computer issues...thatas another story, but anyways

I just thought I would share a few pic from the weekend that was. And what a weekend it was!!!!! phew, I had an absolute BLAST, too much fun, and my feet know it!!. It was the first big convention that I have taught at and I was so very nervous, but I was given so much fanstatic support form the SM ladies and from all the lovely ladies that sat in on my talks and came to my classes I need not have worried. Thank-you to all that came along and making it so much fun for me!!
One of my favourite things about these conventions is the people that you get to met and those you can catch up with. We all ahve such busy lives it sometimes seems that we all just hang out for these things to say 'hi' to each other....lol
I met so many wonderful people on the weekend, the lovely Fiona from Kaiser in particular, such a joy. Mel Lu, Fi and I had dinner on Friday night and I swear at times I think I nearly laughed til I cried!!!
I have really eaten well this weekend, Lu and I crashed the amazing Chris Miller's dinner with all her crew....I had something that sizzled, not really sure what it was now, but it was YUM!!!
And then on the Sunday night Lu, Mel and I had dinner with the beautiful SM girls and darling Leanne Stamatellos, such a joy she is...more laughter, and a little too much wine for Cass I think...I get a little silly on wine, probably hard to believe huh....lol
The 'work' (it's hard to call it work) was fun and the people fantastic, I had such an amazing experience, really looking forward to doing it all again

so heres a few pic that I have.......

Here we are the Kaiser Craft crew....lol Rachelle Minette, Me, Melissa Kennedy, Jilly GG and ofcourse the lovely Lu....quite a gang we have huh???

Catching up at the Scrapping Outback stand, Sandra Gerdes, Petrina McDonald, Alana Steadman, Lu and me.....check out the fantastic windmill!!!

This is our Saturday night dinner out with some fantastically talented ladies, Chris Miller, Debbie Kingston, and Michelle Grant, just to name a few!!!

Lu and Mel....love these girls!!!!

This is me with the Scrapbooking memories chicks, Cassie, Kristy and Jo, and offcourse Melissa Kennedy

We I guess it's back to reality now....and I promise I will update my blog just a little more regularly....fingers crossed.
I have one pig of a house to clean up now, men left on there own, in my house anyway, rarely see what is lying under thier feet!!!

Have a great day everyone....


Cass xxxx