Wednesday, February 25, 2009

3 bits...just for fun...:)


Cass xxxx
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Thursday, February 19, 2009


How are we all....:)
just a quick post, I am a bit here there and everywhere most I guess, but anyways... offcouse the new Kaiser ranges....ahhhhhh have been realeased here's a LO from each of the new ones

OK...will try to get back and update later...gotta run, things to see, peiople to do...ummm.....cut that ...revearse

have a great day
Cass xxxx

Monday, February 16, 2009

A bit more Tarisota...and my ...ummm.....Valintines day

Well then, Hi, Hello, How are Ya????

How was everyones weekend???. Mine started on friday when Kelly's brother and children arrived from Bundaberg to stay and then Kelly and his bro went to the cricket, so I had 7 kids including 4 teenagers at home with just little old me for the night...phew I don't know how these ladies with so many kids do it, I thought I was slightly mad having the 4...but 7!!! it's a wonder these women can get out of bed in the morning.
Now Valintines day...pretty uch a non event in my house...Kel NEVER remembers, so generally I just try and make him feel bad by buying him a box of chocolates while I am grocery shopping...which we both procede to eat after the kids go to I said HUGE event
Anyways all was good, and on the Saturday afternoon, kelly took his brother and a few of the kids shopping, so I stayed home with the others. About 5pm (this is where my Valentines day gets interesting) My little Ronin climbed up onto his big brother bunk bed, reached over at least a foot to talk to his sister below and then put his head into the ceiling fan!!!!
there was blood everywhere, I swear it was gushing out all over me . I paniced and Ronin was going hystrical. I called the Ambo's who were AMAZING, they gave him a shot of Morphine and took him off to hospital. We were there til nearly midnight in the end, as my poor baby boy had actually cut his head so deep that you could see a hole about the same size as a 5c peice of his skull. LOTS of stitches, which isn't easy on a 3yld. He was really lucky though, no cracks, and only a mild concushion (please forgive my spelling). Happy Valentines day mummy!! So offourse I have spent the last couple of days watching him like a hawk...too many medical shows for me, as I watch for signs of internal clotting or hairline fractures and something terrible, but really the boy is 100% fine, apart from the massive bandage on his head, he hasn't even complained about a headache...he's a tough little thing

So I do hope everyone eles day was nice an romantic and didn't involve blood and trips to the hospital!!!

Just to lighten things up a bit ....Here's a couple of things I did for Tarisota this month, Check out my naffy pen, isn't she cute, all fabric flowers, not really practical I guess...but she looks cool...:):):)

Okey Dokey then, I guess I am off...Lots to do today!!! lets all hope that I don't just crawl up onto the couch and go to sleep....mmmmmmm sleep


Cass xxxx

Kaiser sneaky peak

Looks a bit cool don't it....:)

Cass xxxx

Friday, February 13, 2009


OK, so I sort of don't know exactly what to say. The recent fires and horrors in Victoria have, shall we say, affected me. The stories, the pictures on the telly, the look in the eyes of the survivors....have affected me. For years now when some person, brave enough to ask, has asked me what it was like inside the fire all I have ever been able to say is that it is black. All black, like there is not any light left anywhere in the world, the blackness is all consuming. This is what I am hearing over and over and over again on the telly, and I can see it written all over thier faces, the shock, the pain, the world is unreal, and unimaginable, and will never be the same again. Damn Fire, damn fire bug.
Don't worry about me though, I am OK, just have had a little trouble getting my head out of my butt over all this, but I am OK. The thing that is really warming my heart is the outpouring of support for those that have been touched by all that distruction. I whole heartedly support all these efforts, and part of me...a really big part actually wishes that I could just jump on a plane and go and be some physical help to these people. Offcourse I can't, but the beautiful Sarah Gladman has set this one up.......

I know that the equally gorgeous Jilly has offer to post them down down to her in mass if that helps at all.
There is offcourse also this....To contribute to the Vic Bush fires fund, people can call Red Cross on 1800 811 700.
The amazing Ngaire also has an e-bay aution...check it out

Well on a brighter note, and a little more scrapping related here is a couple of LO's I did for my guest spot on the Tarisota DT....hope you like, cos I simply loved doing it!!!

Well that's it, finally I have gotten back to the computer and posted, been finding it all a be tough of late, as we all do from time to time I guess. My poor sore and bruised heart goes out to all those that have been affected by recent events. To those in pain, to those that have lost, I wont say that everything will be OK, but I will say that there is always tommorrow and with that come a small, sometimes almost impossible thing to see.....hope

god bless, and hugs

Cass xxxx

Thursday, February 5, 2009

First boots...:)

Check out my littlest man, the man crazy little sports At 3 and a half he is far more co-ordinated than either of his brothers were at twice his age. Now I love my older boys dearly mind you and Scotto is quite the soccer player now, but it didn't come naturally to him, but it certainly seems that his little brother is attracted to anything that involves a ball!!!.
I am so not one to over induldge my children and a big part of me felt massively ridiculas buying this little guy soccer boots, particually because he can't actually join a club for 2 years, but if could be in my house and see the tears when his older brothers get ready for training you might have a little understanding for me. He hasn't taken them off yet, 6 hours now and counting!! Wore them home from the sports store, had a nap in them (I tried to cease this opportunity to gently remove no avail) and now he is busily kicking the balls (we have many) around the back yard
*sigh*, oh to have that much energy!!!!



Massive hugs

Cass xxxx
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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I have been tagged...

And this proved to be far more of a challenge than I first thought it would be...:)
You see this tag was , and is in all probablity VERY easy, blog the 6th photo from the 6th file from where you save your pics from...see VERY simple. That is offcourse unless your me and have all sorts of files saved in all sorts of places all over a very confused and messy computer!!!.
Anyways This is a photo from 6th photo from a 6th file on my computer. I have played with it a little, but is of Lilyana on stage at the end of year ballet concert, not a great pic, she doesn't look at all happy, but rest assured she did actual love every minute of beeing up there...(every minute except this one I am guessing)


thinking happy thoughts...or at least trying to

Cass xxxx
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Number one son

Hi Hello How are ya??...:)

Just a quick sharies,a LO of my eldest son Kristofer. Lots and Lots ...and LOTS of layers and paint and crap on this one, sort of got carried away with I took the pic when he was on his 'I am not going to shave all school holidays' bender, and he managed quite a growth for a 14 year


so OK off to clean house, the fun never ends around here....:):):)

have a great day
Cass xxxx
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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Well it sort of seems to me that seeing as the beautiful Tamar has posted it on the Tarisota site I can tell you all here....:)
I have been super lucky enough to be choosen as the guest designer for Febuary for the mind blowingly amazing Tarisota!!!, who would have thought little ol' me would bestowed such an honor!!!. I have had just the BEST time with this absolutley beauiful kit. When it arrived here at home I could have rolled around it it for ages, admiring it's beauty and potential. Everything just co-ordinates so well and all the peices are so beautifully put together, that Tamar really is a genius!!.
Anyways anyone that knows me knows I have a a weekness for babbling...:) so I will stop now, but I have just posted up a little sneeky peeky of what I have been up too....:):):)


Much love and kisses

Cass xxxx
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