Monday, February 25, 2008

Prima Paintables!!!

So I have been very busy painting and colouring in...even my darling mum coloured one in for me...thanks Ma, and today I got around to actually using the creations and making them into LO's. Let me tell you they are so much fun!!

we have the entire range at CyberScraps, so if your up for a little colour creativity give em a go!!!!

as for me, well I am doing OK, nothing like a total brain melt down to put things in perspective. Family first I recon, have any of you heard of the rocks, pebbles and sand theory??. Well it goes something like this....
The most important things in your life are your rocks, things like family, friends, love and respect. Next are the pebbles, also important things, food on the table, a roof over your head, a job you love, you get what I mean. And then there is the sand, all those other things that take up your life, those new shoes you want, even folding the clothes or cleaning the floor etc. The theroy goes that if you have a jar that represents your life and you fill it with sand you will have no room for the rocks or even the pebbles. So always put the rocks in first and then the pebbles and the sand will flow around get????

Well I guess we all get caught in the sand sometimes and I recon that has been my problem, so time for me to concerntrate on the rocks and pebbles a bit more, and all will be good!!!

sorry for the deep and meaningful, but thanks for having a read if you got this far

big hugs

Cass xxxx

Thursday, February 21, 2008

OK well today turned out to be pretty darn good...FUN, Lu came over and we scrapped...not in the shop, but here at home and it was FUN!!!! and productive too, the kids all pretty much behaved themselves, and there was little or no fighting and nothing got broken and no one was hurt...very sucessful day all in

heres what I did .......

Lu produced some amazing stuff today ...hope she puts it on her Blog so you guys can have a look before they are wisked away to be published...cos I am sure they

well I hope everyone has had a good day too, and I am truely thankful for today and the stree relieving fun it has been

big hugs

Cass xxxx
Hey it looks like I might hit the 10 000 hits mark today...let me know if it was you!!!!
OK so I have finally pulled my head out of my ...ummm...well you know. I have had a pretty tramatic wekk or so actually. Kelly's boss, well the guy he has been working for on and off for the last 8 years died friday before last. He was only 44 and had an unexplained motorbike accident. No one knows why but he is a VERY safe rider and somehow he just ran straight into a post. His funeral was last friday. I haven't been to a furneral since my Mikayla's and it was held in the same cemetry that she is buried, I knew it wasn't going to be easy, but I certainly wasn't prepared for exactly how difficult it ended up being. I was really a mess, and it has taken me quite a while to get my head around it all, it all brought back so much pain and hurt that I wasn't expecting and so I apologise if I have been a bit absent, not only here on my blog, but in most places.
To be perfect honest I have been pretty absent in my own brain too, but I am feeling sooooo much better now, and no doubt I will be back to myself in no time...whatever that is

Anyways even amoungst all my brain crap I have managed to get some LO's done, in fact I have found that over the last couple of weeks scrapping has been my constant sanity. Particually the new Prima therapudic, just sitting and colouring in...I guess it is like bringing out ones inner child of sorts, even though I believe my inner child has been having more than a couple of tantrums of late.

OK, so I thought I would share what I have been up too.

So thanks again to all of you that read my little bloggie, and all the lovely comments. Cass is back on her horse so to speak and back on track

hope you are all having a great day :):):)

big squishy hugs

Cass xxxx

Monday, February 11, 2008

Happy Monday!!

HeeeeLLLLLooooooooo everyone out there in cyber land, hows your world????

not much going on over here, except for the normal rush rush rush, kids going back to school, soccer, football dancing, cricket and soon. Oh I did get a hair cut today...YEAH!!!! needed one of those for a loooong time!!!

anyways thought I would share what I got up to in the shop today.....

This last one has been done with the new co-ordinates cardstock that we have in at CyberScraps....really cool colours and so nice to work with, if you can see fromt he scan the the card has a different shaded core, so if you sand or tear it you have a really cool effect. I have some of the blck magic stuff here too that I can't wait to play with (it's black cardstock with differnt coloured core...too cool) and it's all 60 cent a sheet!!!!!!

Oh yeah and I had a great sneeky peek at the new Prima stuff that arrived from the states in the shop this afternoon, so can't wait to play with that

anyways best go feed the starving hoards

catch ya later Bill and Ted


Cass xxxx

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Papercrafts Festival

And now for my second bit of SUPER EXCITING news. Scrapbooking memories have ask me to represent them at the Papercrafts fesival here in Brisbane in June...YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will be teaching a class...but more about that later......

I am absolutley THRILLED to have been asked, and I am really looking forward to seeing the SM ladies again.I will also be doing a couple of lectures too apparently (bit nervous about that bit, I mean I know I can talk for 20mins...but really not sure who would want to So that's pretty exciting HUH???

So maybe some of you Brissy ladies would like to come along....maybe? :):):)

Anyways I did get a few LO's done today, and I share, as I do

Well thanks so much for having a read, and sharing in a bit of my excitement, I really do feel incedibly blessed right now!!!


Cass xxxx

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

VERY EXCITING!!! Scrapware DT announcement

Hey guys,
Just thought I would let you know, The Lovely Ange from Scrapware (manufactures of FANTASTIC chipboard products) announced thier DT yesterday, and one of them is ME!!! YEAH!!! so ecited, I love Scrapware and use thier products all the time anyways :):):).

The other ladies on the team are-----

Kim Arnold, NSW

Karen Day, QLD

Coby Kooy, VIC

Kathie Link, SA

Michelle Vass, VIC

Pretty cool company huh???

anyways just thought I would share one bit of exciting news for me, another bit yet to come....curious??????

thanks for having a read

hugs Cass xxxx

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Friday's Efforts

Hey there everyone!! Just thought I would quickly share a few LO's I did on friday

Thanks for having a lookie

Cass xxxx