Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Yeah...school back!!!!

Well after a few tears and tantums...mainly from me!!! the boys went back to school today. Kris started his first day at the Queensland Acadmies for Health sciences, at Griffith Uni down the Gold Coast. Poor baby has to catch 2 trains and bus to get there, leaving at 6am and does the reverse in the afternoon getting back at 5pm, so HUGE days for him comming up, but he's young...and he'll survive....lol. Scott started Middle school too, and it's the first time ever that he will be at school by himself, but he best enjoy it cos Lily starts Prep next year...lol

Anyways I managed to get a few pics as they ran out the door!!!

I thought they both looked VERY smart...I am such a proud mummy

Thanks for having a read...Oh and I have smome exciting news (scrapping wise) to share, a few bits actually...but not yet....lol

Have a great day

Cass xxxx

Monday, January 21, 2008


Ok So she is 4 today, and I guess that doesn't make her too much of a baby anymore...but she's my baby

These are the mountian of little cup cakes that i made for her for her kindy party today!!! check out the tiara...lol

Well friday night's crop was a total Blast....had a great time, even got some LO's done...lol

well I'm off to much to do...so little time...lol

Hugs and Kisses

Cass xxxx

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Quick Sharies.....

Just thought I would quickly share what I have been up to in the last couple of days
I did this LO on Tuesday. I took a quick trip to the fabric shop near here that specialises in ballroom costumes and dance wear, for a few pieces of felt...well.....I came home with all sorts of bits and bobs...fabric shops are now to be considered really really dangerous!!!!! The butterfly and red flowers are actually embroiery patches...and I like um!!!, so much so I started this LO about 20mins after I walked in the door...naughty mummy I know, but I just wanted to have a play....lol

I have made this handbag mini album for my mum, it's about my grandma...lots of bits from the fabric shop experience ended up on this too....lol

well, thanks for having a lookie, and I think the warning for today is perhaps, although fabric shops can most certainly get the mojo flowing, DON'T GO, without a healthy wallet and lots of time to play....LOL

Big Hugs

Cass xxxx

Saturday, January 12, 2008

friday's efforts

OK I have a new LOVE...and Grungdboard be thy name!!! Honestly this is the most fantastic product to work with, so easy, so fun!!! ink drys almost instantly, and it's flexible and would tear or have folds...LOVE IT!!!!!

The FANTASTIC Jodi is up on holidays from down south so we had a bit of an inpromptu crop last night, so cool to catch up with the new DT at cyberscraps as well as Karlene, Kylie and Peta!!!

Anyways here's yesterdays efforts...Heavly featuring my new favourite thing....lol

Thanks for having a lookie, and have a fabo day :):):)

Cass xxxx

Friday, January 11, 2008

Hidee HO......

Well It's Friday...YEAH!!!!!!

Firstly the GRUNDGEBOARD arrived at Cyberscaps on wednsday...and let me tell you it looks totally amazing!!!! can't wait to play with it today!!!!

anyways here's some of the efforts of the last couple of days

this first one is my OLW challenge. Using the word 'step'. well these are my son's size 15 school shoes and my newphew Toby's size 0 sandels....so hard to believe that I once bought a similar pair for Kris, now a small family could live in his shoe....LOL

These other LO's inclued one using the new 'Rusty Pickle' papers that I am totally in love with!!!

Well I am off to the shop, and the lovely Jodi is coming in tonight for a Yak...looking forward to that

Anyways have a great weekend....:):):)

Cass xxxx

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

gotta love school holidays!!!!

Well Lily being Miss bossy boots and all wanted despartly to make her own dolly...like mine on my side bar. OK I said...and when we were done she insisted I put it on my blog too...so here it is. No one can say I don't aim to please....lol


Cass xxxx

New stuff, New stuff, NEW STUFF!!!!!!

Oh Man, we have soooo much beautiful new things in the shop right now!!! yesterday was my first day back in the shop after the Chrismas break and woweeeee, YUM YUM YUM.

I'll start at the beginning

Basic Grey' s new 'Two Scoops' range is in and it is TOTALLY Fab. There are no more die-cuts, they are all stickers YEAH!!!!!! the alhabets and shaps are just to die for and the chipboard to soooo cool...and all shelf adhesive too!!!

beautiful girlie papers, but not one to stick to the obvious the first LO I did with it was all all four of my kids, so with 3 boys in the pic, I stuck to the blues within the range

Now I guess this stuff isn't 'hot of the press' new, we have had it a little while, but I have been meaning to do something with Marah Johnsons 'coffee' range for a while. I did this canvas, and I will probably hang it in the shop. I don't know about you guys, but I am a total coffee addict...about 15...or so, cups a day. Really really really should cut down!!!

Now Rusty Picky have brought out this really cool range of acrylic mini ablums, they come in all sorts of shapes and are really fun to work with, I used the new fancy pants double sided parer on this one as well as Kaisers new self adhesive felt strips....another new love of mine.

Rusy pickle also have a new range of papers that are just to die for...will probably get onto those on Wednesday

So I hope everyone is surviving the school holidays...rock on the 29th I recon!!! not that the kids have been too bad, and I must say I do enjoy the lazy mornings, even if Ronin still wakes at 5 am and a sleep in is impossible, I can potter abound without having to watch the clock.....NIOCE!!!!!

well, I guess I will be back on wednesday


Cass xxxx

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!!!!!

Hey Guys...I hope everyone has had a safe and Happy new year!!!

I was really really boring...I actually went to bed at about 9pm, no real celebrations for me. We had a lovey luch on new years day with the family though...all of us together makes 17 people, quite a party all on it's own!!!!

Well, I made a pretty thing today that I thought I would share. Not 'exactly' scrapbooking a guess, although it contains most of the elements...just no paper or photos LOL

I am going to put her on my dressing table, you see I made a smaller one for my sister Rebekah for her birthday, only red, and I was happy enough with the results to make one for me...just bigger!!!! I just she stands about 40cm tall, no where near Hazel...so perhaps I should call her peanut!!

Have a good one

Cass xxxx