Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Nice Wednesday

Not a bad day in the shop today, we had a kids class that went very well, and nmet a few lovely ladies and a couple of regulars came in too. I did manage to get a LO done

Just a short entry to make dinner.

Hugs and kisses

Cass xxxx

Monday, June 25, 2007

Well There are a few things going on at Cyberscraps ATM, Lu and I are trying to organise the cybercrop, and kits and classes and and and....we are a bit busy.
Personally I am waiting on the new CI stuff. Marah Johnson has her new range 'ROCKSTAR' coming out very soon, and I have had a bit of a lookie at it and I tell you what it is AMAZING!!! too darn cool!!!!!! anyway I am not exactly when it will be avalible, but believe me I will be shouting it from the rooftops when it is

These are our kids classes that we are running all though the school holidays. So if you want some peace from your lot for a while, drop them off and we will keep them amused for a couple of

Here a couple of LO's I did in the shop today. The 'bloom' one actually has 5 different patterned papers on it, covering all the bits of chipboard, honestly sometimes I think my head read, this took the better part of an entire day. But I will say I am happy with the results, but then again who doesn't love Basic grey. I soooooo can't wait for the new range, it should be in the shop sometime THIS WEEK.....woooohooooo

Thanks to all you wonderful blog buds out there in cyber land for dropping to hear a comment too, if you have a minute....(needy aren't I?????)(and this means you too mum)

Hugs and Kisses

Cass xxxx

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Friday Night Crops ROCK!!!!!!!

OK so Lu and I held a little crop in the shop on Friday night, two lovely ladies came in. We wore our uggies and the radio played some silly music that I am sure was the nightclub playlist from 1992, we had pizza at half time, and chatted and laughed and it was SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!
I even got some LO's done....nice bonus. I guess thats a big night out for us these days...and I didn't have to wear crippling heels or uncomfortable jeans....another bonus. Lu and I will be holding these crops every second friday night, for anyone that is interested, check out the Cyberscraps site.
These are the LO's I did...not too bad for a 5 hour effort

Well I hope everyone is looking forward to the school holidays starting tommorrow. My car goes in for a little repair job tommorrow (the scrapbooking carpark insident) and my lovely little sister Trisha will be looking after my big boys while I head off to work...oh I do so love being able to count on the help of my family at times. It is such a thing to be grateful for....

Well peace, love and sanity (maybe the last bit is just for

Cass xxxx

Happy Sunday!!!

Hope everyobne is having a great weekend??? I have gotten up with the kidlets this morning and DH is sleeping in. I was feeling a bit motivated...or perhaps bored, so I decided to set up a new Blog page just for my Published stuff. That list at the side of my blog used to bother me BIG TIME. Unfortunatley, being the lazy bum that I am, it was my only way to keep track of the coming and goings of my LO's. I tried keeping a book, but Lily and Ronin soon made short work of that. So although it was mainly for my reference than anything eles it bothered me that perhaps it looked a off like...IYKWIM...certainly not my intention.

Gosh I can rabbit on....anyway, there is a link to my Published and commissioned stuff on the side bar now...for those who want to have a lookie, and I have uploaded all the already published stuff

Okey dokey...I am actually off to the shop today for a few hours...bit of fun really

hope you all have a Happy Sunday

hugs and kisses

Cass xxxx

Thursday, June 21, 2007

How is everyone???? good I do hope

I did a couple of LO's today and thought I would share. The 3rd one is of my newphew Sebastian (the boy with the smoke hazard insident) little cutie isn't he??

True Romance is my Dares LO for this had to be a movie title, and tarrantino is a fav of mine. Lu has scrapped this pic of our two i thought I would give it a go

This is a pic of Kristofer, all dressed up for his interview yesterday, it's so hard for me to look at him sometimes...he is just getting so darn BIG!!!!! someone thought he was 17 yesterday (he is only 12), I thought he looked so smart though

I'm off to have a chat with Marah now in the cyberscraps chatroom

Hugs and kisses

Cass xxxx

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Marah Johnson Chat

Hey Guys...Who DOESN'T Love the Marah Johnson range brought out by Creative Imaginations???????????????????

well, every exciting news is Marah will be in the cyberscraps chstroom tommorrow night!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we had a chat with her a few months ago and this is one cool, and super talented lady

for details go to

and sign easy as that...I'll be there, Lu will be there and so will a few of Marah's personal design team's VERy cool

that's all.....

Cass xxxx

Quick LO's sharies

Well today's the day...Kris has his interview with Queensland Acadamies at 1.45pm this afternoon down at the gold coast, so if you happen to read this before then, please spare a thought or a pray for my little (or not so little) man

here a couple of LO's I did in the shop on monday

Oh and I have to tell you,

My little sister has a son, Sebastian, who is a month younger than Ronin, and goes to a kindy jsut down the road from Lily and Ronin's kindy. Yesterday my sister, Trisha, gets a phone call about 1pm to come and get him, there is a 'smoke hazzard' and all the kids have been evacuated. Trisha, is not a clam individual at the best of times, so she panics thinking the place has gone up in flames and offcourse rushes over there (well rushes as much as an 8 month pregnant woman can).
Mum rang me to tell me whjat was going on 'Don't worry' I said 'Someone has probably burnt something in the mircowave' which is EXACTLY what
Mind you, they had an absolutle convoy of police and fire trucks there apaarently, Sebby even got a bright yellow sticker from the firey's to say that he was OK...very exciting for the little man

Anyhoooooo, best go, have to get the boy up to get a hair cut. Grandma bought Kris a new suit and shoes (size 14 expensive bloody things) to wear, good thing his birthday is in a couple of weeks, he has his presents already!!!!lol

Hugs and kisses
Cass xxxx

P.S. Isn't it funny how God has a plan? I obviously HAD to get masters done early so that I could deal with all this HooHa....I wouldn't have had time if I was still working on it....funny the little things that make you so thankful!!!!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

OTP stuff

These are some of the OTP projects Lu and I have done...the cool Making memories flip album I did of all our boys, Lu did the FANTASTIC wall hanger of my three men, I really LOVE the puzzel peices she did too, and she also did the tag album...which is a class coming up at Cyberscrap for 'Christmas in July'....she is such a clever girl our Lu

I did this Canvas for my Mum and Dad...and I is VERY Carol Jansen...but isn't minicry the highest for of flattery, and a little scraplife now and then expands our horizons...or so I recon'

This is my 'Summer Cube'. It is actually quite big, about 5 1/2 inches square. I have an accordian album on the top, with photos of everyone at the beach last year and the paper is that Fabo CI stuff we just got in.....oh and if you are into OTP stuff or Canvas's I can't recomend the Reeves paint highly is so thick and creamy and covers so well...You can mix it to make metalics...I LOVE IT!!!!!

Anyway babe...chow for now, family are comin over for a sausage sizzle for Ronin's birthday yesterday...he is a happy little guy

Hugs and kisses

Cass xxxx

Friday, June 15, 2007

What a DAY!!!!!

Firstly my littest man, Roni turned a big 2 today!!!!! very exciting, and a little sad for mummy....he is after all my Baby (and always will be might I he likes it or not!!!!)

He got a big boy bike and some cars, lots and lots of much needed clothes and a pair of shoes. Aunty Katie bought him a mr potato head, and Aunty Lu lots of matching socks...very cool
He had cupcakes at kindy and a cake after he is one happy and sleepy little camper.

Lu and I had a really productive day in the shop...a few very cool OTP projects done...will get pics soon

Oh and something REALLY exciting!!!!!!!!!
As some of you know my eldest baby Kistofer is in the processes of applying for the Queensland Academies (this is sort of like uni...but for high school kids) He has his heart set on being a doctor...a Raditation oncologist to be precise, and the Academies are openning a school for heath services next year at Griffith Uni at the Gold Coast. Well after filling in a mount of forms last month he had the BIG exam...thousands of kids did this all over the state, after which it was a matter of 'don't call us, we'll call you' and today I got the e-mail offering him an interview. This is not an acceptance....yet, they will interview a few hundred kids for only 100 places, but it is a VERY BIG DEAL. There was much screaming and jumping up and down going on....I have never been so excited or so proud, my chest is just about exploding. He has a long way to go, but I can't see anything wrong with celebrating each step. His 13th birthday is in 2 weeks and we always planned on having a party for him...becoming a teenager and all, but it would be so nice to have something eles to celebrate. And even if he doesn't actually get in, he is in the top .1% of kids in the state. I keep telling him that there are lots of paths to get to his goal, and if he doesn't get in here, he has other options...afterall he is only 12, but this would certainly be the most effiecent way.

Well thats enough of my ramblings....big shout out to Alana, and your work in the new Scrapbooking Memories...and ofcourse to my best girl Lu, she has her 'Real life, Real stories' in this issue too....go have a read it's pretty cool, and a great Marah Johnson LO of Caeligh she did with it

Feeling really blessed right now....good friends, good family...GREAT kids, and lovin' my paper...and my job.......does it get any better???? (don't answer that Lu!!!...cheeky thing)

Hugs and kisses

Cass xxxx

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Lo's and I've been tagged

OK so here a few LO to share.
The green and black one is the LO I did for the SC comp....and didn't place in. The One of Lily has the Bam pop stamps on it that i won as a RAK off the How dare you site, and the one of me is my get real challenge for this month on cyberscraps

I've been tagged by the beautiful Yvette here we go

Name three things that scare you.- Rodents...can't stand them of any description, mice, rats even banicoots. Balconys, don't like the unsafe feeling. Not know where my kids are...I am a terribly paranoid mum
The daggiest thing in your music collection- Robbie Williams swing album
Your three favourite clothing items- Do boots count?? I have a fav pair of them. A pair of daggy jeans I can't live without. A really sexy silver dress that I need to loose 10kg to fit back in to, but I still love anyway
Your partners most annoying habit- Well there a kettle of umm apart from one I can't mention, he constantly leave the toaster on the bench...drives me NUTS!!!!!
What stresses you out- Money, or the lack ofIf I could change the world I would.......- Immunise everyone against prevenable deseases
Your favourite household chore…- I actually don't mind cleaning bathrooms...I think it's the chemical smell
If you had fifty bucks to spend at Target which section would you head straight for….- Linen...I have an obsession with thick white crisp sheets
In my next life I would like to come back as ….- Hmmmmmm a lioness, the men folk wait hand and foot on them

Your least favourite celebrity… Paris Hilton (sorry Yvette...I seriously dislike her

In return I tag...Lu, Alana, and Megan......have fun with it, look forward to seeing your answers

Hugs and kisses

Cass xxxx

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Papercrafts Pics

Firstly....big squishy apologies to Alana...babe, I am so sorry I made you cry, if it is any consolation I had a little cry too....I cant believe myself sometimes!!!!!

Anyway the papercrafts was FAB!!!!!!! I had a fantatic time wandering around having a look at all the great stuff and the fantatic LO's that are on display, SC have the colour comp finalist displayed...WTG the beautiful Lusi Austin and the super cool Jilly.
Taking of Jilly Gereaty-Groves (remember I am delexic here) was absolutley FANTASTIC to catch up with you and finally have a face to face chat...can't wait for that 'opinion' babe!!!!!!

I thought I would share a couple of pics of my haul, got a few nice things, a couple of bits of chipboard, yummy flowers, found some inks on special (never have enouigh of them), a cool font stamp, bling (offcourse) but the most beautiful thing was these little baggies of handmade buttons for only $ I bought 6 bags...offourse!!!!! aren't they just YUMMY!!!!!!!

Lu and I got to catch up with Ngaire too, got ya on film this time babe!!!

we went and had a bit of a chat with Casey, the SM editor...such a great chick, and had a bit of a preview of the next issue...looks pretty good to BTW....except for the LO with my head on that will teach me for Subbing LO's on myself

anyway Ladies, hope you all had a great day too...DH is off to the sunny coast tonight so I am doing the single parent thing....FUN FUN FUN.....NOT!!!!!!!!!!

Have a good one and keep smilin'

Cass xxxx

Quick share ...and deslexia strikes again...derrrr

OK OK OK as anyone that knows me will know...I am TERRIBLY deslexic (so much so that I probably haven't spelled that right) and my mother is constantly on my back about how many pelling errors are actually in my blog entries too...and anyone that has read it will know that already too. Well let me tell you my infliction has gotten me in to heaps of trouble in the past. I have been lost because I can't read the map, I have answers so many questions on tests wrongly at school that adventually they got a teacher to read them to me...the list goes on, but never have I felt so insanely stupid as I did yesterday
I have been busy ...flat chat actually, trying to get my master entry done...busy busy busy. I thought it was due on the 13th of June...until the beautiful and understanding Alana pointed out to me yesterday that it is actually the 13th of JULY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Honetly I have read and re-read the entery form hundreds of times and it always read June to me......I was so angry with myself at the I am just laughing a bit about least it's all done now, and I wont be rushing around in the last week to get it I can post it at my

Anyway, I do hope you all have a little giggle at my expense, gawd knows Lu nearly wet herself.

Here a couple of LO I did in the shop yesterday, the one on my 3 favourite things is my Dares for this fortnight

off to papercrafts now....catch ya's later

Hugs and kisses

Cass xxxx

Friday, June 8, 2007

The RAK goes to.............................

Dum da da Dar...................................................................................................................................... JANET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

could you please e-mail me your address so I can get that out to you

Thanks to you all that commented, we did have a lovely little draw this afternoon, but my camera battery is

Off to the papercrafts festival tommorrow...hope to catch up with a few cool people. If you see a couple of strange chicks walking around, thats probably Lu and me, so come and say hello

Did a few LO's in the shop today, but it's too cold to go out to the car and get them...tommorrow I will have a little sharies

Later beautiful ones

Cass xxxx

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

LO share

I have been doing a few complicated time consuming LO's lately, so yesterday a felt the need to get a few quick easy ones done...sort of like eating 2 minute noodles instead of so I thought I would share my 'quickies'

I have had a bummer of a last couple of days. DH's car has been playing up for a while and so he decided on monday that the time has come and it had to be fixed NOW!!!!!! (he can do a really good inpersonation of a 2 year old when he wants to) Anyway after much fussing around, (by me...not him) taking the car here there and every other damnable place, the thing is costing us a small fortune. You know that song 'girls don't like boys, girls like cars and money'. I think I will do My own randition...'Girls don't like boys or cars or Money, girls like paper and a quiet place to play with it' (OK so snoop doggie dog is fairly safe because I anit no rapper baby)

Any old hoo...I am off to watch a bit of a thing for Hugh Laurie, amazing blue eyes

Check ya later bill and ted

hugs and kisses

Cass xxxx

Monday, June 4, 2007

Classes...and a HUGE RAK!!!!!!!

Well here we go,
Lu and I are starting to take classes in the Cyberscraps bricks and morter store in Salisbury, so I thought I would share a few things that are on the adgenda for this month. The LO is a stamping and watercolour class...very cool, and the second is the most amazing tag mini album (By Lu), honestly this would make a fabo gift
We are also having kids classes and beginners classes as well, also if you just want to come along for a crop we have them every second friday at half time, and every friday morning...snackies included. So if you are interested in coming along, please check out the time table and stuff on the Cyberscraps site-

so that's all my blatant advertising out of the way....don't think too badly of

well now Ladies, hows was your weekend??? hummmm mine was actually rather productive. Got a few things ticked off my list and I am feeling all good about it!!! yeah me!!!!
Anyway here's what Lu and I thought today. In the shop we have all this new cool bella chipboard and Bling in, really reasonable priced stuff, one could even go as far as to say it is DIRT CHEAP!!! lol anyway in the vien of sharing the love around, we figured that it is RAK time again.
If you want to be in it just leave LU or I a comment and we will have a little draw on friday for the stuff.
The pack includes that yummy beela chipboard, rub-on's and bling brads, as well as some prima flowers, making memories paper, and a couple of creative imaginations sticker sheets, they all rpetty much co-ordinate, so there are potentially heaps of LO's here....check it out

Pretty good stuff huh???

anyways I'll be back later now...keep smilin'

Cass xxxx

Friday, June 1, 2007

It's POETS day....yeah!!!!!

POETS day is actually an old tradesman's term for friday, my Daddy used to use it all the time. It stands for 'P@%s Of Early Tommorow's Saturday' if that makes and sense. And on Friday's I actually do get to leave work early because Lily has Ballet on a Friday afternoon at 4pm, but today they are having exams, so no ballet for the princess (mighty unhappy about that too she is...)

Here's a LO I did in the shop today....gotta love that

Anyway My son has another friday night game tonight....Yeah...not!!! so I am off to that soon, He actually won Man of the match last enormase achievement for him

Anyway beautiful ones, I hope you all ahve a great weekend...MWAHHHHH

Cass xxxx